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Wicklow People - 6 December 2002

3,000 SPOON

Conor Kane

An encounter with world-famous psychic Uri Geller has led to a Glenealy woman paying 3,000 for what must be the country's most expensive spoon.

Yvette O'Byrne bought the spoon after it had been bent by Uri Geller at a show in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, and all the money goes to help the children at Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin.

She was prompted to pay out this sum of money after recalling that her daughter, Aisling, had to pay a few visits to Our Lady's some time ago and received excellent treatment, while a friend's child has leukaemia and is also attending the hospital.

"It was for a very good cause', Yvette told the Wicklow People this week, 'and I also wanted the spoon and wanted to be invited to his house as well! I'm glad I bought it though because all the money is going to the children's hospital."

Since the concert in Dublin, Yvette and her partner David have received emails and telephone calls from Uri Geller and will be visiting him in England in the near future to make a formal presentation of the cheque.

"The spoon is totally bent and he signed it and everything for us. After the show myself and David were greeted by him and the show itself was great. He was really impressive."

Uri Geller has been performing his tricks with spoons, watches and other items for many years on TV and at live appearances. He has been on the Late Late Show on many occasions and urged audiences to hold spoons to see if they would bend, and broken watches in a bid to fix them. This were also features of his Dublin show. "I had this spoon in the audience and it just started bending. He decided to auction the spoon off and the bidding started off at 25 and it ended up that I bid 3,000 for it! He then called me up to the stage and invited us over to his house."

Yvette had never seen the Israeli-born performer before, so was stunned by his performance in the Olympia. "All I knew about him was that I heard he could bend spoons and fix watches and that's what he was doing at the show. It was brilliant."

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