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The Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians

T.A. Waters

Facts on File, 1988 - ISBN 0816019819

Geller, Uri. (b. 1946)

Former stage performer who achieved worldwide prominence with his claims to the production of genuine ESP and psychokinetic phenomena. A primary effect of Geller's has been the bending and breaking of spoons by apparent psychokinesis. It is interesting to note that a similar effect appeared in Abracadabra Magazine some years prior tp Geller's public performances.
 Many magicians have been hostile to Geller's claims, viewing him as everything from a threat to their profession to a threat to western civilization; more than one has advanced the theory that Geller planned to become a "psychic healer" or start a cult. Geller has in fact stayed well away from such areas, and continues with much the same repertoire - key and spoon-bending, blindfold wotk and design duplications.
 It is probable that Geller's claims of ESP and PK are without merit; if this is the case, he is hardly the first person in the magical profession to make untrue statements to achieve publicity and fame. In any case, his claims have been a boon to many performers, whose challenges to him have created publicity and attention for themselves.
 Geller has been the subject of two uncritical biographies: Uri by Andrija Puharich and My Story, ghosted for Geller by John Fuller. He is also the subject of James Randi's highly critical study, The Magic of Uri Geller.
 The most thorough examination of techniques to create Geller-type effects is Gellerism Revealed by Ben Harris.

Uri Geller - a bibliography - homepage