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  • "He told me to draw something,' she recalled, 'and said he would tell me what it was. So I sent him out of the room and drew a picture of a dog. I put it in an envelope and sealed it, and then I gave Uri the envelope and asked him what was inside it. He just held it in his hands and said, "You've drawn a dog".

    Close up magic   in  The Geller Effect  


  • 10th September

    "Before I left home, I had drawn a valentine with an arrow through it, placed the drawing in an envelope which I sealed, and placed that envelope in a Manila envelope, which I also sealed. I asked Geller to draw whatever it was I had drawn. He asked me to concentrate on what it was, to see it in my mind, and to try to project it to him. After five minutes of this, he showed me a drawing of a heart with an arrow through it. When we opened the envelopes and he saw he had been right, he was very excited."

    Andrew Tobias   - O.K he averted World War III, but can he bend a nail?

  • 30th October

    "Next we tried my sending a picture. Uri was blindfolded when I drew it, and in most other cases was apparently looking away or was blindfolded. He was wishing to transmit this to Ted and we stood in various positions with Ted next to him and me on various sides of him. He admitted defeat after a while and Ted said, "Was it a castle?" As he said so, Uri said, "Was it a house with a big chimney?" Uri was right, though Ted was also pretty accurate. Ted also asked about squares, which were prominent in the windows."

    "Uri tried to guess a tree and got a circular thing with two lines, but they were horizontal, not vertical, beneath it."

    "Next he did some more guessing of pictures from Ted. He got one impression of "a box-shaped thing on circles with lines beneath which could have been a train." In fact, there was a box-shaped church on some lines of hills but no circles we could see. Later I held the piece of paper up to the light and the word Green appeared where Uri had written it, when transmitting it to me, in rounded script where the wheels would have been."

    "He failed to get a picture of a boat from me but got a picture of a face with hairs coming out of it from Ted. I was watching Ted draw this and felt that it was a face. In fact it was a cat's face with long whiskers."

    "Geller began with "thought transference" experiments, in which he tried to guess simple line drawings and digits that I had drawn on a piece of paper. He had varying degrees of success with this, but the last attempt was strikingly successful. I had drawn a circle with a vertical diametric line, and began to hold the figure in my mind. He then reproduced the figure on his paper with complete assurance and no delay, and we both held the figures up for the others to see.


  • 5th & 8th November

    "Back in the hotel I draw three different symbols on three pieces of paper fold them up and shuffle them so I don’t know which is which, then I choose one and, without looking to see which it is put it into an envelope. I then put that envelope into another envelope. Uri asks me to concentrate; I do so, and within about five minutes he says he is getting an image of a circle with an X in it. I open the envelopes and that is the drawing inside.- "A man in the crowd concentrates on a figure of the Star of David and Uri reproduces it flawlessly on a pad."

    "Then I made a simple drawing (of an eye), wrapped it in aluminum foil and put it into two envelopes. I went to see Geller the next afternoon. He tried for more than half an hour, with me keeping the envelope in my sight every second, to get the drawing. And he failed."

    Donald Singleton -  "How Does Uri Do It?"

  • 9th December

    "...and they had a number of envelopes that they had not used that morning, that they had with them. ... and somebody said, it may have been Russell, let's do that with some of the targets we haven't used this morning ... and he opened one of the evvelopes and he gave it to me. And under the table, I looked at the scene that was there. ... Well the scene was pretty complicated because it was a whale spouting, so you had the waves, the whale and then you had the water jet on top of the whale. And so I did my best to sent that, and Uri said "Well, what you are sending me is confusing, I'm not getting anything clear. Can you resend it?" And behind him, through the window of the cafeteria, I could see, you know, a water jet, there was a fountain in the courtyard of SRI. And so I thought I'm going to send it in two things. I'm going to send the whale, which is essentially a fish, I know a whale isn't a fish but you know... I'm going to send a fish and the water jet that I could see through the window. So I scanned the fountain, then I scanned the fish. You know, like a Christian fish, very simple form of a fish.  – all of a sudden he was all business – he took his pencil and he drew something and he says, “Look, I'm going to draw what I'm getting, but I'm not getting one thing, I'm getting two things. I'm getting a fish and then I'm getting a water jet. " ... So he drew the two things, he didn't draw the target. There was no way he could have known that I did not send him the target, I sent him two things that I made up, and that’s what he got."

    Dr. Jacques Vallée's Diaries Reveal What Most Scientists Still Deny

    Audio version

  • November/December

    "..you told me to draw a picture and you went into the other room. And I drew a picture of a persons shoulder, arm and hand.... you did not duplicate the shoulder arm and hand, but what you did, as if you picked up where I left off, you drew an absolute perfect profile of my husband, and in fact it was his shoulder arm and hand that I was thinking about when I was doing the drawing."

    Interview with Maria Cooper Janice on Uri Geller’s ParaScience and Beyond


  • 28th February

    "Next, Uri said he would draw a figure and send it to a man in the back. Uri drew a house with smoke coming out of the chimney and showed it to some of us in front while the man closed his eyes. The man just couldn't get any message. uri asked if anyone did. No takers."

    But is it ESP?  by Robert Brier.

  • April

    "First, Uri mentally projected to me one geometric shape within another.  None of us got it. (He'd drawn a circle within a triangle. Charlie Reynolds, a Time photographer and magician, told me Geller used the same geometrics at the magazine, and that mentalists know people will choose a circle in a triangle 90 per cent of the time.  Our group was obviously in the 10 per cent bracket.).

    Next, I took my foolscap pad to the far corner of the room and, carefully shielding pad, pen, and hand, drew an odd geometric shape, then tried to project it mentally to Uri.  "I don't get anything," he announced.  Try again.  A sailboat.  Uri got an image, but was sure it was wrong - a vertical semi-circle.  I marked it a partial hit - the hull of my little boat was a horizontal semi-circle.

    Third try.  I sketched a flower.  Uri passed.  Fourth try.  A balloon. "I've got something," Uri said excitedly as he sketched a flower.  A hit once removed - a known occurence in ESP experiments.

    Now Fred took the pad and made a drawing.  "I feel something strongly ... it's amusing ... like a ... Mickey Mouse," Uri said, drawing a cartoony animal face.  Fred held up his drawing and we all gasped.  He'd drawn a Mickey Mouse, not identical to Uri's but eerily close."

    The Village Voice [New York] - Helen Kruger. - "Psychic Uri Geller - The man who bends forks with his eyes"

  • June

    "At his instructions I left the room and made a drawing of my choice (I drew a tree) on a piece of paper, which I then placed in an envelope and put in my pocket. A few minutes later, without touching the envelope or its contents, Geller drew an almost exact replica of my drawing..."

    Allen Spraggett - Phoenix Gazette - 9th June 1973

  • 21st July

    "Geller insisted on doing a telepathy experimentbetween himself, Rex, and Rex's wife, Birgit, who was on an extension phone. After drawing something which he kept out of my sight on a pad, Geller stared intensely at the telephone. Then he told me to ask them what they got. Bridgit said, " I seem to get an "O" or a circle." Rex commented, "I got an "O" first but then I saw a capital "M"." Without picking up his pen again, Geller turned his pad around for me to see. It showed simply a circle with a capital "M" inside it. Ten minutes later, Rex and Birgit rang back. Rex told me, "Birgit has something she has drawn and wants to see if Uri can get it." Geller was in the living room. I went from where the phone was in the bedroom and told Uri what Rex and Birgit wanted. "Oh," Geller said matter-of-factly, "while I was sitting here just now talking, a woman was contacting me [telepathically] and trying to send me a bird and a flower." I went back to the bedroom phone and told Rex and Birgit what Geller had so casually reported. Birgit said, "That really is amazing. Before I called, I first was going to draw a bird but decided it wouldn't look much like one and would be hard for him to identify. So I then drew a flower because I figured that would be an easier target for him to identify."

    Psychic magazine   September / October 1973   Ray Stanford:  "Teleporting a meteorite"

  • 5 August

    "Uri was king of the mountain and asked for a pen. He told me to look away and he quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper. "Now," he told me, riveting his eyes to mine, "I want you to draw anything, whatever comes into your mind. Just let it happen..."...I tried desperately not to think about anything and just let my hand wander until I had drawn a box, with two curving thingies on either side, and, at the last moment, a peak — a roof, I suppose , for what seemed to be a house. Then Uri showed me what he had drawn and what, he says, he sent to my mind to draw. It was a house, with a peaked roof, and rwo objects on the side that were very definitely trees. The two pictures were not identical but so close, it was frightening.

    "Eerie Psychic Can Break Forks With His Eyes" - The Lima News, Ohio.

  • 10th August

    "A long-distance telepathy experiment was also done on Friday. An East Coast scientist was called and asked to draw a simple representational object for Geller to copy. Following the experiment he indicated that he drew two peaked mountains with a sun in the upper right. Geller drew two arches side by side with a circle in the upper right. Geller's picture also had a trainlike object running through it."


  • 25th September

    "He also asked the woman to draw a simple object, "Not a house, not a flower." She drew a round face with lines for eyes and mouth. on his board Uri drew a circle."

    Milbourne Christopher - Mediums, Mystics & the Occult


    "Toward the end of our visit, which lasted four hours, Uri tried some telepathy over the phone. We called a friend at the Rolling Stone office, a few blocks away, and asked him to draw a picture. Uri began sketching. At first he lightly outlined a crescent moon and bisected it with a straight line. Then, with more conviction, he drew a triangle, and, inside the triangle, an eye. I don't know where he got the moon idea, but our friend at Rolling Stone had sketched a picture taken from the back of a dollar bill: the pyramid under the coptic eye."

    The Real paper  October 17th 1973.  Jon Lipsky.  "The psychic you have to believe"

  • 30th October

    'He wrote something on a piece of paper, handed it to me and said, "Put this in your hand and don't look at it now. I'm going to think of a letter, and I want to see if you can pick it up." He closed his eyes, but nothing was happening in my head. So I thought, maybe I have to close my eyes for this to work. I closed them, and bam, there's a big green R lit up in my head. So I said, "I guess it's an R," and he said, "Yes, open the paper," and it was an R.

    "Byrd asked Uri if he could do it the other way round. "I had been an amateur magician so I knew a few tricks. He said, "Make it something in this room," but I knew that trick, so I thought, No, I’m not going to make it anything at all. I kept my paper and my pencil down below the lip of the desk, so he couldn’t see the tip of the pencil running around, because if you’re really good you can tell by the way the pencil moves what the picture is going to be. I just started randomly drawing something, an ellipse with a circle in it and then a dot in the circle. He quickly sketched something on the back of an envelope and said, "What is this? A button?" He had drawn exactly what I had, but put four dots in the center, because he was thinking of a button. Then we compared them, and they were exactly the same size."

     Uri Geller - Magician or Mystic   p.164

  • 2nd November

    “He (a Sunday Times photographer) drew a circle with another wavy circle round it, while Geller turned away, hiding his eyes, and Geller then described it exactly. First, though, he said he would try to pass the shape on to me, so I made my mind a blank. While Geller was concentrating two shapes floated into my mind, an equilateral triangle and a square with a semi-circle on one of its sides. I said nothing about them, but Geller, after describing Bryan Wharton’s (the photographer’s) circles, said, “Oh, I also got these,” and proceeded to draw an equilateral triangle and a square with a triangle on one side of it. Since I never committed my shapes to paper he could not have watched my arm or used any magicians tricks."

    The Sunday Times  Brian Silcock   Mind over Matter

  • 23rd November
    Original drawing and Geller's reproductions

    For the BBC program "The David Dimbleby Talk-In" a BBC employee had prepared a drawing before the show and sealed it in an envelope. It was of a sailing boat.

  • 25th November

    "In the Mirror offices three miles from the hotel. Peter and I drew the lines for a noughts-and-crosses game. We asked the 26-year-old Israeli what we had drawn. He put pen to paper and a reporter who was with him told us: "Its a noughts-and-crosses diagram - with a nought in the top right-hand corner." Then it turned out that Uri had never heard of the game. so he was bewildered by the strange pattern he bad drawn. How did that nought get into the picture when it wasn't on our diagram?  Both Peter and I, while concentrating on the "board" had started Playing an imaginary game. Uri might have picked up the "starter" nought from our thoughts."

    "New Twist for Uri the Mind-Bender" - Daily Mirror

  • 26th November

    On the children’s program "Blue peter" one of the presenters prepared a drawing and sealed it in an envelope before the show. It was a picture of a smiley face.

  • November

    "THERE IS A SORT OF bird, a schematized gull that I've drawn above a triangle, and to the right of the triangle is an enclosed curve. This is the image that I'm trying to project onto and inside the right half of Uri Geller's head, the half that is facing me as he holds his hand over his eyes and concentrates, with an intensity that is almost material, to receive my transmission. The lines I've drawn, which are covered now below my hand, are glowing in my mind like the images that seem to come sometimes on the inside of your eyelids. I may or may not be getting through to Uri, it doesn't really seem to matter: I'm enjoying the attempt; there's an exhilaration I've never noticed before in engaging another mind on such an intense and specific level. The experiment fails, or rather fails in its most obvious aspect. Uri is disappointed, and tired. He has done three interviews already today and this press conference in the state capital has so far only evidenced a bad case of Psychokinesisist's Block.

    We try another telepathic transmission, at my request. I draw a foot with a line under it. Uri's not getting anything. "Draw something else," he says, "This time start at one point and make the drawing in your mind exactly as you've done it on paper." What I've got on paper is a rabbit, or rather a circle with two ear-like protrusions and two eyes. Those ears are hard for me to draw somehow up there in my mind, and that may be the reason why Uri receives everything but the ears. It's a mild success, again more interesting in the ritual than in the result."

    Texas Monthly   November 1973   -   "Briar Patch"

  • December

    "They decided to "warm up" with a couple of telepathy exercises first. The SRI security department wanted to test Geller's ability to "read" anything through a room with a lead shield. During the first trial, Targ and I were sending a message from within the room. Geller and Puthoff were on the outside, near the hall. At that moment, several noisy people in the hall created a distraction, and Geller passed with no images. So the director put Geller in the shielded room, where there would be no distractions, and the rest of us were outside. Targ asked the director to draw the target picture. He chose to draw a Christmas tree with a star on the top. This drawing was put up on the south wall. Soon I could feel that Geller had part of the image but was unsure about it, so I concentrated on the star. Geller burst out of the room with some enthusiasm, knowing that he had it right. He told us that he was facing east, with one hand on the south wall. His first image was of a two-story flight of stairs. Later he "saw" the star, and put it in the sky, over the stairs. At that point, he rotated his drawing and knew that it was a tree and that the star should be at the top. This trial was not part of the regular SRI series, and I don't know whether or not the SRI team kept those drawings."

    Millay, Jean. - Multidimensional Mind - Pub Group West, 2000 - - ISBN 9781556433061

  • 1973

    "Geller stared intensely at Bolen, who after a false start, drew a geometric form:  a triangle within a circle above the numeral 5.  (As a "clue" Geller had told him it was a geometric figure within a figure with something beneath it."


  • 1973

    "He was going to project to me the image of one geometrical figure inside another. I was to draw what my minds eye "saw." Staring directly into my eyes, Geller ordered me to sketch what he was passing to me. I tried. he tried. For several minutes. I could think onl of a few combinations, so I ended up sketching a square with an "X" inside, connecting each of the corners... Certainly no flash of telepathic inspiration stimulated the image, at least none that I could tell. "Let me see what you have," he said, reaching out to examine what I had drawn, positive that we were in communication this time. Upon seeing the pad Uri frowned, mused a few seconds, then handed it back to me without comment. "Here, again, once more we'll try it. A geometrical figure, right under here, within a geometrical figure, and I'm going to try to project to you a geometrical figure." I had not seen what he supposedly had drawn on the first try, but I did not mention it. The square and lines were obviously not what he had tried to "send." This time I closed my eyes and concentrated hard. "All I see is a figure I thought of earlier," I told Geller in exasperation after several seconds of silent contemplation. "What you see, put down." I drew a circle with an equilateral triangle lodged inside it and skeptically handed it over for Geller's perusal: "Fantastic"! he whispered. "Look what I did." He had drawn a triangle with a circle inside..."

    John Wilhelm - The Search for Superman - pp. 52-3

  • 1973

    On the Canadian TV show "Telescope" Uri reproduces the host's drawing of a smiley face. He also "sends" the host an image, a triangle inside a circle which the host correctly receives.


  • January
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    A drawing of the front view of an elephant had been sealed in an envelope and handed to the photographer's model, who slipped it under her bra, then apparently forgot what the drawing was. All the same, Geller managed to draw what Leslie described as 'a rendition of an elephant seen from behind'. It was, he noted, exactly the same size as the original, which was opened on camera.

     The Bolivar Syndrome  in The Geller Effect

  • January?

    "Think of some kind of simple figure, draw it on a piece of paper, and try to send it to me telepathically. One of the reporters, accepts this challenge, concentrates briefly, and twenty seconds later Uri Geller draws a house on a piece of paper. The reporter uncovers his own drawing, and it actually is that of a house of the same type."

    "The actual show begins with one of Uri's telepathy experiments. A group of reporters sits in a room of their own, about three hundred feet from the studio. They can follow the transmission on a TV monitor screen, but Geller can't see them. We in the studio are linked to the room only by telephone. Without any third person observing her, one of the women reporters secretly makes a drawing. The paper with her drawing is placed into three carefully sealed envelopes that are pushed inside each other. Now she sits in the room and concentrates, trying to send Geller her drawing telepathically. It takes Uri a long time, five minutes. He interrupts his own concentration several times and says, "But I asked specifically that the drawing should be simple. What I receive is plenty complicated. It may be a tree that is quite simple at the bottom, at the trunk. But on top, among the branches, it gets complicated." And he draws a tree with a few lines. Branches and leaves are clearly visible. The woman reporter is brought from from the seperate room. In front of the camera she opens the three interlocking envelopes. She has actually drawn a tree, exactly as Uri had reproduced it."

    "The telepathy experiment begins. Lotte Ledl leaves the studio. As we are told later on, she draws a spiral. But Uri at first receives the impression of an arrow, which he crosses out. Finally he draws several concentric circles. The actress reenters the studio and shows the spiral....After the show, Lotte Ledl says that she had originally planned to draw an arrow, but later decided on the spiral."

    Mittenecker's original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "... a telepathy experiment succeeds brilliantly, whereby a skeptical psychologist sends Uri a paragraph sign ( ¶ ), which Uri has never seen but reproduces accurately."

    Paul Uccusic, Roaring Success in Zurich, failure in Vienna.

  • "Geller responded enthusiastically. "OK," he said. "Make a drawing." He asked me to sit at one end of the sofa with my back to him while he sat at the opposite end with his back to me. I decided to draw a flower. (From the psychologist who stood near Geller and observed his every move, I later learned that Geller started to draw a flower immediately, even before I set my pencil to the paper. He had finished his drawing before I had even begun mine.) "Are you finished?" Geller asked me. I told him that I was not, and that I was still concentrating on the object I had decided to draw. "Then we must start over again," said Uri, "because I have already received an image and finished my drawing." He thought this attempt had failed. Now I drew a flower and took some time putting finishing touches on it. But apparently Geller was receiving nothing. "I don't think I can do it," he said. "Are you having difficulty concentrating on the object?" he asked. I told him that I was, but still I asked to see whatever sketches he might have made. He turned around and said, "I can only get the image of flowers." He had drawn a crude sketch of another flower."

    A magician looks at Uri Geller  in The Geller Papers

  • 19th February

    No one in the room was aware of what was in any of the envelopes. Geller chose one envelope and began drawing figures on a pad. This initial attempt included the following sequence: a set of points, some interesting lines, two triangles, and the eventual union of the two triangles to form a Star of David. Geller's final drawing was a Star of David of the same size as the one in the envelope. His remarks while making the drawing included: "It's difficult, you know," "Look, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong," "I feel very strongly about this," "I'm getting it very correct," "If I didn't feel it I would pass," "Psychologically, I'm being pulled away from it because I'm from Israel and this is my Star of David," and "The lines are very mathematical, precise."

    Filmed and non-filmed events: On Uri Gellers visit to Western Kentucky University  in The Geller Papers

  • 1st April

    "Uri asked Stig to then concentrate on a number between 1 and 10. - You are thinking of eight, said Uri after some seconds concentration. Surprised by this, Stig confirmed that this was the number he thought of. - Turn over the paper over there on the table. - Stig did so and discovered the figure eight had been written there beforehand, - You believed you sent a number to me said Uri pleased with himself, but it was I who chose the number eight and sent it to you. If I had asked you to be the receiver for telepathy you would have blocked me. Now when you know you can receive, we can experiment further. Stig shut his eyes and experienced a seagull flying into the room followed by more of these. They were just flapping their wings about. Uri had drawn a seagull and concentrated on this."

     Swedish Parapsychology 1998

  • 24th April

    Passing on the first attempt Uri said, "I can’t get it. I think you are thinking of a word. What did you write?" I then showed him figures representing the Greek letters psi and kappa. "Let’s do it again," he replied, "and please write a geometric figure this time." The same procedure was repeated. I drew a circle with two lines inside it, and Geller responded, after looking at me a moment, by quickly drawing two diagrams, each containing a circle and lines. His comments were, "I think you drew either this," as he drew the larger of the two responses, "Or a triangle and a circle like this," as he completed the second with equal speed and an air of certitude. We agreed that the second showed a very good degree of success.

     A preliminary scrutiny of Uri Geller  in The Geller papers

  • June

    "Uri said he would attempt to receive telepathically a drawing which we were to make in an adjoining room. At this point, Seth and I went into the bedroom and closed the door. Seth decided to sketch a chair, and I photographed him at work. We placed the drawing inside two envelopes as Uri had instructed us and returned to the living room three to five minutes later, where Uri was waiting for us. Uri had no trouble in duplicating the chair which Seth had drawn."

    Popular photography - Yale Joel. - Uri through the lens cap

  • "He turned his head away. I drew the sign for infinity. "Now right below that draw another figure." I added a pyramid. "O.K, now try to send it to me; just visualize it in your mind." Uri took up a pencil and pad. He assumed a look of concentration, first staring at me, then closing his eyes. He quickly sketched on the pad..."The first thing I got was a circle that changed to an eight" He had drawn an upright "8". Underneath it he had drawn a triangle. I showed him the horizontal "8" and the pyramid. "Dammit," he said, "I saw a pyramid for an instant but then it became a triangle." But I was impressed..

    "Can you send something to me?" I asked. "Oh yes-go ahead, close your eyes." We both concentrated and I came up with an ice cream cone, possibly because I think about ice cream often. Uri had been trying to send me a sketch of a boat.

    "Now Uri felt "hot." He correctly received two drawings sealed inside opaque envelopes- one of a cross, the other of a Star of David."

    "Abend drew two intersecting circles. Uri received two circles tangent to each other, then two circles, one inside the other. Abend was impressed."

    Psychology Today  Andrew Weil  Andrew Weil’s search for the true Uri Geller

  • 19th June
    Original drawing and Geller's reproductions

    “…Uri again tried telepathy. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts – as before he always passed, never showing a final drawing despite attempts on his part – he finally did one drawing. I drew a simple flower, Uri made two attempts, which he rejected, and then said that I had drawn a face. It is, as he noted, not too far off because it does have a basic circle with lines coming out from it.”

      New Scientist - 17 October 1974 - Vol. 64 - Joseph Hanlon. - "Uri Geller and Science" - p. 177

  • 4th October

    “Uri also attempted either one or two weeks later to transmit a picture to me from Cape Town. I succeeded in receiving the image of a circle, a triangle, and a circle, all of which seemed to be a face with a nose and an eye. That in fact was what Uri had tried to "transmit": a face.”

     The Uri Geller Effect  in The Geller Papers

  • "I sat with my back to a blank wall, and Mrs. Rae Knight, one of Stigwood's assistants, sat next to me. Uri, alone, sat opposite us, his back to the room. While I did my drawing - a kind of spook - he turned his chair around and sat with his back to me. I cannot swear that he did not glance back over his shoulder, but Rae Knight, sitting next to me, could watch him all the time. Then I covered the drawing with my hand and Uri turned around. It took him several minutes to get it, and I had to concentrate hard. I may have made involuntary movements of my head as I tried to transmit the drawing, but hardly enough to tell him it was a face."

    The Geller Phenomenon   p. 106

  • 1974
    Uri Geller's reproduction on the left, original drawing on the right(a tree)

      On Swiss T.V. Geller reproduces an abstract drawing of a tree

  • 1974?
    Geller's 60 Minutes drawing

    On the CBS programme "60 minutes" Geller roughly duplicates a drawing of a bird and seperately the letter "L". He also failed in an attempt to transmit an image to the reporter. ( Watch video )

  • November? 1974

    "dans l'expérience de dessins communiqués par télépathie, Bouvard dessine une croix nazie (swastika). Procédé pour le moins inconvenant, Uri étant israélite. Uri reçoit néanmoins une figure proche de la croix gammée : deux rectangles opposés par un de leur sommet."

    "Je regrette, mais Uri Geller c'est vrai"


  • One of the most startling events that occurred in my house was an experiment he did with my 14-year-old son, Judd. Geller sat across the room from him and drew concealed line drawings of a cat and an automobile. He told Judd that he was going to "fire" these pictures into his mind, without letting Judd see what he had drawn. Judd shrugged, and drew the first two things that occurred to him. They were not only the same two subjects, but were in the exact same perspective. Geller then asked Judd to draw a picture. Judd drew a simple, smile-button-type face. Geller asked him to keep it hidden, and to concentrate on it. Geller then drew a picture. When the two drawings were compared, there was a remarkable resemblance.

     Is He Charlatan or Miracle Worker?

  • 24th March

    "He told me to write any number from 1 to 10. I wrote 3. He then continued to do another drawing - I wondered why on earth he'd asked me to write down a number and then failed to confirm it against his. Later, I discovered that he'd written "8" and got it wrong, but didn't want me to know it."

    "He then asked me to draw whatever I felt. I drew a pair of dumbells, one much bigger than the other...As Geller had drawn a yacht and a sun, I had obviously failed to read Uri's mind."

    "Geller agreed to try and receive a drawing using telepathy. While Geller looked away, I drew a horselike figure, folded it, and placed it under my chair. Geller told me to visualize a screen and to draw it over and over in my head. He then told me to show the drawing to my fellow psychologist, Tony Egan, while he looked away again, and then to hide the drawing. At this point I felt that Geller looked back too quickly, before I'd had enough time to conceal the drawing properly. Geller produced a pretty good rendition of my original drawing and signed it with a flourish."

    "Geller then motioned as if making another drawing and told me to draw whatever I felt, as he was "thinking of it very, very hard." By concentrating on my pencil as I did my drawing, Geller said he'd be able to help me get it right. I started to draw a plane, but I changed my mind and drew a tree. Geller then produced a similar drawing, which at the time, I must confess, I found more than a little astonishing."

    Uri is given an envelope containing a drawing of a sailing ship.

    The Psychology of the Psychic  by D. Marks & R. Kamman   pp.79-82

  • 27th March

    "This involved Edwards writing down a number, much hurried by Geller. As he had done the previous day, Geller claimed he'd try to "send" a number. Once again, Geller wrote down "8" and once again it was wrong, because Edwards wrote "4" and then added that he had also thought of "6", again wrong."

    Uri is given two (double) envelopes. One contains a drawing of a flower which Uri gets partly right. The second drawing was of a wine goblet, which Uri failed to get. Also an impromptu drawing was done of two circles, one inside the other which Uri duplicates.

  • March

    Uri is a guest on the Larry Glick Show, WBZ radio, Boston. He duplicates two sealed drawings. A Star of David drawn by the host, and a Smiley face drawn by magician Walter Dunahue.

  • March

    "... Geller invited me to draw something simple while he closed his eyes, then to cover it and think it through to him.

    I drew a boat and thought hard, but Geller got nothing.

    ... After the show Geller asked me to try again with the drawing and we did so in a studio office where he would allow nobody else to be present.

    I drew a gun, but again Geller could not get anything.

    "Try again," he said.  "This time think of the shape, not what the object is.  Draw it over and over in your mind's eye.  Draw it on my face."

    While his eyes were shut and his back turned I drew a Christmas tree on my own notepaper.

    Then, while I looked at his face, I mentally drew it, pen stroke by pen stroke, four for the tub, one for the trunk, four branches down the right, four down the left.

    I did this four times before Geller started drawing.  I was careful not to move my eyes in any way that might suggest a shape.  Most of the time his eyes were shut.

    "Keep doing it," he said.  I mentally traced the shape once more while he drew on 3UZ supplied paper.

    "I'm not sure," he said.  "I'm getting something here, a Christmas tree."

    Geller held up a sketch very similar to mine.  It was made with the same number of pen strokes - 13.  His sketch was 13 centimetres high.  His was 15.

    He was delighted and suggested we try the same test the other way around.

    This time a 3UZ official was present while I tried to simulate Geller's hidden sketch.

    "Concentrate hard," said Geller.  But, with my eyes shut, I "saw" nothing.

    I tried hard to think what it could possibly be and the thought of a snowman came to me with a vague mental picture, perhaps from some forgotten childhood book.

    But a snowman seemed too obvious after the Christmas tree and I said:  "What I am thinking would only be a guess."

    "Just draw the shape you feel," said Geller.

    Oddly, what I drew bore little similarity to the mental picture I had of the snowman.  I wanted to put black buttons down his shirt and blacken his hat and give him arms ... but do snowmen have arms?

    As I hesitated, Geller said, "Don't do too much," and we compared what we had.

    Again the shapes were similar, although not as close as those of the trees.  Geller said that he had set out to draw a snowman but had given his figure an odd-shaped hat to make it slightly different."

    The Age [Australia] - John Stevens. - "A Cynical Reporter is Forced to Think Again" - p. 2

  • March?

    "On the sixth trial, Dick deliberately tipped his writing tablet forward so that most of his pencil could be seen, and drew a boot. Then, keeping his pencil point off the paper, Dick "drew" in some holes and bootstraps along the front of the boot, making a series of curlicue movements, using his fingernail to produce the appropriate sounds on the paper. "Look," Uri said, "I think I've got something this time." He drew two vertical lines corresponding to the sides of the high boot top, and added some holes and a vertical curlicue!"

    The Psychology of the Psychic  by D. Marks & R. Kamman   pp.88-100

  • June

    "We had made plans for such an experiment, should the opportunity for it arise. Three students - Judy Orloff, Kerry Gaynor, and Ruth Brady - were to go to my office, five floors below the lab. There, when they received my phone call, they were to draw on a piece of paper a number between one and ten (chosen randomly, of course). Uri would try to receive the number in the isolation booth, where he would remain with me.."After the telephone signal was given, Uri reported seeing the Star of David and after a few more minutes said that the only other impression he received was the infinity sign (oo). Finally he said he had failed in the experiment, for he had received no other impressions. He asked me to call down to the office to find out what the number was. When Judy answered the phone, I said, "Uri didn't get a number, His only impressions were the Star of David and the infinity sign." Judy laughed. "We all said he'd get the infinity sign! The number was eight - and as we looked at it, we said it looked like the infinity sign."

      Uri’s magic  in The Geller papers

  • June

    "Draw something very simple — No. not so I can see it. I will turn away, and you hide it from me."  You follow his instructions and carefully hide the drawing on a pad of paper.  The young man turns around and says.  "Now think of it. Just think of it, draw it on my mind. Again . . . Now slowly.  One more time." He takes a pencil and on the inside of the cover of his book draws the identical figure you had drawn . . . a circle with a cross within it.

    Vera Graham. - "The Strange World of Uri Geller" - The Times, San Mateo

  • 4th June
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "Target drawings made by Artur Zorka and Abb Dickson, with Geller's responses. The last two images, those of a dog and of a twice-bisected circle, were not drawn on paper, but only thought of by Artur Zorka."

    Other targets were: Christmas tree, house, arrow, dog bone, sailboat and card suits.

      The Geller Papers

  • 13 July

    "He turns his back and jots down a number. he orders. am transferring that number to your brain'" In a split second, I've jotted down 018. Geller shows me his notes. He, too has wntten 018... Geller fetches a crude drawing of mountain with definite peaks and valleys...'I am transferring that picture to you.' Without hesitation I duplicated his sketch, line for line."

    The News Journal [Mansfield, Ohio] - "The Amazing Uri Geller"

  • 13 July
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "Draw anything you like on your pad," he said.  I drew a little pyramid with a palm tree at the side. There was no way he could have seen it with his eyes, and there was no one else around. "Now put the pad over on its face." he said, and I did so. He turned back and looked into my eyes, telling me try and project into his mind what I had drawn. After a few moments he mumbled, "A sort of geometric figure with something at the side." Then quickly he produced a replica. He asked me to write down a number. I wrote the figure eight. He showed me his own pad where he already had written the same number."

    The Oakland Tribune [Oakland, California] - Robert Betts. - "The Key to This Psychic is Bent"

  • 6 September

    "It was a virtual duplicate of mine, a sketch of a ship complete with smoke pouring from the smokestack."

    The News [Port Arthur, Texas] - "Is psychic fork bender a magician, trickster?"

  • September

    : "Then I show him my television set. Exuberantly, Uri flips over the paper on which he had drawn the rose. On the back of his response to my first drawing, the pear, are a few faint lines that look like parts of a square. In a flash Uri seizes the pen from my hand and draws in a television set over the lines, adding two little knobs, and his name at the bottom."

    Oui magazine. Article by Lora Myers

  • October

    In a demonstration for National Enquirer in the U.S.A. and Reveille in the U.K. Uri trys to 'send' three items to their readers: the number 59 and drawings of a tree and a car


  • March

    "Later, after dinner, he turned his back to me and asked me to draw a simple figure on my note pad. I was not to let him see what I drew, for he, writing with a pen on a napkin, would duplicate what I had drawn. I sighed but, intrigued, drew a tree, which he could not see, and he had me draw it again and again in my mind, and then he turned and tossed the napkin at me in a kind of bored way. There was a similar tree. We did this a number of times; each time I drew a different form and each time there was no possible way he could see what I had made. And each time he duplicated it more accurately. After a while his accuracy reached the point where his drawings of various things were almost carbons of mine; You could lay one on top of the other and practically match the lines."

    Esquire  Dotson Radner    A Charming Evening with Uri Geller

  • 5 May

    "On 5/5/76, Geller appeared on a local, live television program in Pittsburgh called the Marie Torre Show. Uri was given an envelope and was asked: what was inside? Geller got it wrong. He said: Is someone thinking Star of David? In our living room, Kathy was holding a Star of David pendant at that same moment. Later, the same day, Geller was on the Roy Fox Show on KDKA radio. Something compelled Kathy to tune in. She called and called to try to get through and speak to Geller. On the phone, she told Uri that she was the one thinking Star of David earlier that day. Uri turned to the radio host and said: 'I don't know this woman. I didn't tell her to call at this time.' You see...Geller had been doodling, on a pad, the Star of David."

    "My Experience with Uri Geller"

  • May?
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "At that point, he asked me to draw a picture and not show it to him. He then began drawing his own picture, and as you can see from our two illustrations reproduced on this page, the sketches are very similar. Considering the rough drawing style from which Uri was trying to receive his psychic impressions, he was able to come very close to my own illustration (of a cat) - even duplicating the bizarre front view of the face on the side view of the body."

    Marv Wolfman  -   LET'S LEVEL WITH DAREDEVIL

  • June
    Hy Gardner's drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "Israeli mentalist Uri Geller tries an experiment to convince Hy Gardner of his unique powers. The top sketch is Hy's, ... the lower, Geller's idea (via ESP) of what Hy was tring to tell him." - (Gardner had drawn a bearded face.)

    Independent Press-Telegram [California] - 6 June 1973 - "Glad you asked"

  • September

    For the magazine ESP Uri attempts to transmit his own drawing to its readers. Uri had drawn a Star of David, a pentagram and written the word "star"

    Journal of Occult Studies   A Mass Public Experiment in Psychokinesis and Telepathy at a Distance with Uri Geller as Agent

  • September

    "Let's try something," he asks rather suddenly, as if all at once he were ready to perform.  "Draw something, any simple drawing and cover it."  Done.  "Now think about it without closing your eyes, draw it again in your mind."  I did.  Three times Geller tries to reproduce my three different simple geometrical figures, but he says he isn't getting it.  On the fourth try, he accurately draws the fourth target figure, a cross within a circle.  We were alone in the room so no confederates could assist him."

    Michael Marzella. - "Uri Geller: A man bent on success" - p. 23C

  • October

    "Suddenly, he stopped talking and told me to draw in my notebook the first thing that popped into my head.  He turned away from me and faced the wall.  I hastily sketched a child-like drawing of the front of a house, with a door and two windows, and then covered it with my hand.  He turned back to face me and told me to visualize what I had drawn.  He picked up a magazine from a coffee table at his elbow, closed his eyes, and started breathing deeply.  Then, he scribbled something in the magazine margin.  It was a house, with a front door and two windows.  The only difference was that it was in a crude three dimension; mine was flat.  He seemed to be agitated.  "There was something else in your head?" he asked.  I said that I had intended to draw a boat, but had rejected the idea as too complicated for my artistic ability.   "Ah, the boat," he cried, slapping, his knee.  And he pointed to a tiny sketch of a boat he had scribbled in the corner of the page just before he drew his house.

    Leonard Santorelli. - "Mind-Bending With Uri Geller", LA Times, 19 October 1975

  • 1976

    "Geller asked Orthwein to draw a quick and simple sketch totally out of his and everyone else’s sight. Orthwein made a simple line drawing inside the cover of my copy of Geller’s book. The drawing showed a triangular sail boat with a dot representing a passenger and wavy lines for the water. Geller then took my pen and asked Orthwein to close his eyes and “visualize” the sketch. Geller said, “I’m sorry, I don’t seem to be getting anything clearly,” while he made a triangular motion with the pen. Orthwein opened his eyes and said, “That’s it! Draw that on paper.” Geller’s sketch was almost identical to that of Orthwein’s."

    Bob's Psychic Adventure


  • 8th November

    The Daily Mirror conducted "The great Geller experiment" claiming that one out of 28 readers correctly guessed that Geller had transmitted a drawing of a tree.


  • April

    The telepathy part of the experiment produced equally interesting results. The picture I drew up in the sky was of a simple sailing boat, with a mast and triangular sail. Out of 855 readers who sent their drawings in, sixty-four had drawn a boat, while a total of 195 drew parts of boats or something related to them.

    Gellermania and After  in The Geller Effect


  • June

    Geller attempts to transmit two pictures to readers of National Enquirer.  They are a flower and a house


  • 31st March

    Uri: "Well. I will draw, what I felt. It can only be one thing, what I felt. I do not feel a 100% that it is that, but I will draw it.One more time..I will show it to the camera.. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but it is something like a flower.

    Host: "It almost looks the same! Just a tiny, tiny difference!"

    Uri Geller in Japan

  • 31 March

    "We went into another room. We were alone. He said he wanted me to draw a picture. I pulled out my notebook, he turned his head to the wall and I began drawing — a car. "Don't let me see it," he said, returning to face me. He grabbed a piece of paper on the table. It had writing on one side; he turned it over. "Now think of it in terms of line, not name. Draw an outline of it in your mind and stare into my face." As I outlined, as I stared, he raised pen in hand and drew in the air. His eyes were closed as he drew, following the lines I was making in my head. I finished the wheels and outlined two boxes for the windows. He drew two squares in the air. I did not outline the doors of my car. Geller put pen to paper. Then he showed one his drawing — a car, with no doors. He did not ask if that was what I had drawn."

    Stars and Stripes [Pacific edition]- Frank Sugano. - "Psychic power: It's the mind over a matter of disbelief"

  • April

    Geller is a guest on KSTP-TV's "Twin Cities Live,"

    "Backstage, before the show, the host had drawn a picture of a smiley face and put it in his pocket.  Geller had not seen it, yet was able to reproduce the picture with an accuracy that would be very hard to achieve from memory, let alone telepathically."

    Dennis Stillings. - "Geller Visits Archaeus" - Artifex - June 1987 Vol. 6  No. 4-5 - pp. 19-23


  • "What I eventually drew, after Uri had become rather impatient and asked me to hurry up, was a very small head with a three-pointed crown on it. While I was doing so he turned away from me and put a hand over his eyes. Then he turned back to face me..."As he had said, it was not right, or not completely so. There were some interesting similarities between our two drawings, though. He had drawn three circles, one with four lines protruding outwards, one with what looked like a single cat's ear, and finally one that was plainly meant to be a cat's head with two pointed ears, eyes and whiskers, and another circle below for its body. The cat's head was remarkably similar to my human one both in size and shape. Uri took my pen and made two marks on each of our drawings, level with the top and bottom of each head. 'If you measure these with a millimetre ruler,' he said, 'you'll find they are exactly the same size.'"
  • "Uri noticed that I was up to something. 'What are you drawing?' he asked. 'You tell me,' I suggested. In less than a minute, he had drawn a face with thick and straight lines for the eyebrows and nose, exactly like mine. He omitted the beard, but added some straight lines very similar to mine at the top of his face. Underneath, he had written: 'Hat on head.' 'I just thought of a hat,' he said as I showed him my drawing, but before I said anything about my thought of the nightcap. This was rather uncanny, as was the fact that each of our drawings was precisely twenty-seven millimeters in height.

      Close-up Magic  in The Geller Effect

  • "Next Uri asked me to draw something. He closed his eyes, and I took care to hold the paper so that he could not see it. I drew a ship with three funnels, keeping the paper covered. Finally he drew something himself, then seemed to give up. "I don’t know exactly what it is", he said. "I'm not sure." He showed it to me. it was definitely a ship, except that my three funnels had turned into three portholes.

    Straightening the Record  in The Geller Effect

  • "Think of a letter of the alphabet," Uri said suddenly. I closed my eyes and immediately saw the letter R, with several parallel lines running through it. As I opened my eyes, Uri scribbled on a newspaper and passed it to me. At the bottom of the page he had written the letter Q and circled it. Above it, he had written R and crossed it out.

      Close-up Magic  in The Geller Effect


  • 29 September

    Uri appears on Wogan and reproduces a drawing of a house drawn by host Terry Wogan.

  • 6 November
    Geller's attempt at reproducing Willesee's drawing

    MW: "Well, I went all circles, so we ... I drew a simple round face."

     Geller: "May I show what I got. First of all I got a boat and that was the first impression. Then I got two circles and something above it. That was my second impression. But it didn't materialise."

    Uri Geller on Willesee - Video - Transcript


  • "The day before, I had prepared simple drawings of a sneaker and a locomotive …But Geller refused to look at my drawings. So I was left with doing things his way, at least for the moment..When a magician does a mind-reading trick, there are two ways to see it -- the way the magician wants you to see it and the way the trick is actually done..Here's what Geller apparently wanted me to see: After I sketched a kite on my note pad, Geller asked me to trace the object in my mind. Geller closed his eyes and concentrated. Then he said it wasn't working. He asked to try it again..My second drawing was a flower. After I had finished, Geller made a few scribbles on a piece of paper. But then he said once again that he was "not getting anything."..When I told him I had drawn a flower, he became excited. He picked up his paper and showed me what looked like a drawing of a cloud and two sketches of a tree. His drawings resembled flowers, Geller noted, saying he had succeeded."

    C. Eugene Emery, Jr. Catching Geller in the Act

  • "He then gave me a small notebook and pen and asked me to draw something simple. He stood away and there was no chance he could see what I did. As this was summer, I opted for something totally opposite from the season and sketched a Christmas tree with a star on top. I then closed the notebook and told him I was finished. Geller reached for a totally separate piece of paper and pen. He sat at the table, thought for a moment and began to draw. He briefly stared at me and then returned to his task. It only took another minute for him to announce he was done. He put down his pen and held up his drawing. It was a Christmas tree, with a star on top.

    J Square Humboldt - Spoonman

  • 14 May

    "Geller refused a test to "psychically" reproduce a picture Steiner had drawn in advance and left in a sealed envelope with Krasne -- it was a drawing of a light bulb -- but Uri urged Krasne to draw something which he would then reproduce. Well, Uri was back in control with this proposition. He had no control over Bob's pre- drawn, sealed target. Michael's physical presence and emotional involvement are potentially powerful factors in a "test" of this nature. The untutored Krasne drew a circle and a triangle, which, along with boats, houses (with a sun in the corner) and trees are what 95% of the populace will draw. Even with those odds heavily in Geller's favor Krasne declared Uri's efforts "inconclusive."

    Bay Area Skeptics Information Sheet - Vol. 6 No. 5 - 1987

  • May?

    "He then invited me to draw something simple on a piece of paper and he would try to duplicate it from an image received by looking into my eyes while I visualised what I had drawn. He went away into the corner while I drew the sun the way a child would do - a circle with rays emanating like spokes. Before Uri came back I covered the drawing firmly. "I'm tired," he said, but started drawing. Soon he showed me a child's sun with rays emanating like spokes."

    Rydges. Zanex, Uri Geller and psychic geology in the Solomons

  • June

    "At this point Uri challenged me to make a drawing that he would duplicate through reading my mind.  I knew there was no way he could do it, unless I drew the usual geometrical forms that most people do when given little time.  I drew two arrows. He drew a couple of geometrical figures. Sorry, Uri."

    Toronto Star - 14 June, 1987 - Henry Gordon. - "Psychic and skeptic magician talk about mind over matter"

  • September

    The Sun newspaper claimed that one out of eleven readers correctly guessed that the image that Uri was trying to send was of a sail-boat.

  • 16 November

    Geller appears on the Spanish TV programme Uno, dos, tres where he duplicates a drawing of a smiley face.

    Source: Watch video

  • 1987

    "In 1987 Pell invited Uri Geller, the self-proclaimed psychic, to Capitol Hill to demonstrate his alleged powers in an electronically bugproof room. Hanging on his office walls Pell has a spoon bent by Geller, a framed photo of Geller, and drawings of a "smiley face" made by Pell alongside a duplicate made by Geller, supposedly using ESP.

    Martin Gardner - Claiborne Pell: the senator from outer space

  • 1987?

    "Draw something and cover it - turn around, don't show it to me. Okay, visualize it in your mind, draw the line in your mind, concentrate. I get a triangle ... now I get an upside-down triangle ... a Star of David."

    Intangable Evidence   by Bernard Gittleson.   pp.197-8


  • September

    "I met Uri Geller in a bookshop in Bern where he signed his new book. I introduced myself as a magician and I asked Uri Geller if he would be willing to do a test with me. He agreeed and I was mostly interested in a sign duplication test. At this time I was quiet a well know magician specialised in mentalism. So I was quiet sure that I could find out how he would do the sign duplication.At this time I was quiet a well know magician specialised in mentalism. So I was quiet sure that I could find out how he would do the sign duplication. He had no chance to prepare the room as it was not intended to to any tests in this bookshop back office. My son was a baby at that time so I have chosen a baby cup with two handles as a "sign" beeing sure that this would be not a too common "sign target". There was no one else in the room, just me and Uri Geller. The paper and very short pencil was suplied by me, no clipboard devices, no electronics, no mirrors or other shiny objects anywhere. Geller sat about 2 meters with his back against me. No chance for peeking anything as I draw the "sign" blind watching him all the time. Uri was sitting also and there was an office desk between us. The pad I used had a flap and as I did the drawing blind focussing my eyes on Geller there was no way to see what I have drawn... even if there would have been installed a webcam on my shoulder... Of course I did not pass Geller my own pad. I just gave him a paper which was on the desk. Yes, he did it!  Even the measurements of the cup were the same. So I had to confess that I had no explanation in the world of tricks."

    Source: Harry Meier ("Diabelli") - personal communication, 6 & 13 February 2008

  • "Uri duplicated a drawing I drew (a thin vertical rectangle inscribed in an equilateral triangle) secretly making sure that there were no confederates or mirrors around, making sure that he did not see the tip of my pencil, nor the imprints on the paper. I know many tricks of this kind, but under the conditions I put to him, a trick is quite impossible. Uri drew a drawing very similar to my own secret drawing. After all, there are many more things in heaven and earth than we can imagine."

    Vinicio Raimondi quoted in Magia Moderna No. 3 - "Cronaca di un incontro magico"


  • April
    Original drawing and Geller's reproductions

    "... he agreed and told me to draw a simple shape on a piece of paper, while he turned his back. I drew an eye. He then asked me to hold the paper over my heart and keep the image in my mind while he made a drawing. - "I don't think this is it. Some kind of circle with a line underneath it."  He showed me his sketch. "They are the same size and same proportions. It always like this, I don't know why," he said. He put the two drawings together, and the size of the two eye shapes were, indeed, identical."

    Jewish Chronicle [UK] - Helen Jacobus. - "Geller looks to another world" - p. 28

    "Then a first demonstration is made: Hegemann has drawn a picture before the show, and Geller reads Hegemann's mind to find out what it shows. First both assert that they didn't cheat together. Hegemann tells us that Geller was present when Hegemann made the picture, but looked in another direction. Geller talks a lot, about the ordinary things people draw at such occasions: houses, trees, flowers. He says if he's wrong, he's not too far away, then he draws a picture of a heart with an arrow through it. Hegemann takes a folded sheet of paper out of his jacket, unfolds it - indeed it shows the same picture."   Review of "PSI" - Bavarian TV

  • May
    Professor Machi's riginal drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Proffesor Machi:"The telepathy experiment was conducted under the following conditions; There were 6 people in the laboratory; 2 engineers from the factory that makes thermography (they both are graduates of Tokyo Denki University), 2 students assistants, myself and Mr. Geller. Under no circumstances, Mr. Geller could have seen my drawing before the experiment was all over. Only after Mr. Geller drew the image he received, my drawing was revealed." - (Proffesor Machi had drawn a flower.)

    Brain Wave & Thermography of Mr. Uri Geller


  • 1993
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    On Swedens public service TV channel SVT Uri approximately duplicates host Jesper Aspegren's drawing of a football

    Video:  "Uri Geller on swedish public service television SVT 1993"


  • 12 May 1994
    Jaime T. Licauco's original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "Give me two of your business cards," he said.

    After giving the two cards to him, Uri said, "I’m going to give you back one of your cards.  What I want you to do is to draw at the back of your card anything you want without showing it to me.  I will turn my back towards you so I won’t see what you are drawing.  After you are through, I want you to completely cover that business card with your hand or turn it over, so I won’t see it, because after that, I am going to face you while you transmit to me mentally what you have drawn.  Is that clear?"

    "Yes, I said."  After this, Uri Geller turned his back towards me.  There was no other person there except the brother of his wife.  I think he was Uri’s business manager who always traveled with him wherever he went.  He was seated far from us and could not have seen what I was doing.

    I tried to think of an object to draw and I thought of drawing a flower.  But because of my excitement in meeting Uri Geller in person (I had read three books about him before), I drew something which did not look like a flower.  In fact it did not look like anything recognizable at all.

    Then Uri, with his back still towards me, said, "Are you through?"   I said, "Yes."

    Now I want you to cover your drawing with your hand or turn the card over so I won’t see it.

    I covered the card completely with my hand.

    Have you done that?"   asked Uri.

    Yes,"  I replied.

    Then Uri turned towards me and said, "Now, I want you to close your eyes with your hand still covering your drawing, and then transmit your drawing to me mentally, and when I get it, I will draw on your other card what I think you have drawn."

    So, I closed my eyes and began transmitting to Uri Geller the drawing I made.

    After about 20 seconds, Uri said, "I am seeing something.  I don’t know what it is, but it looks like this."   Upon saying that, he drew on my other card what I had drawn.

    When I saw his drawing I was completely amazed.   It was almost a perfect replica of what I had drawn!

    And then Uri said, "If you measure my drawing and yours from tip-to-tip you will find them millimetrically the same."

    It was Uri who made those horizontal marks on the top and the bottom of both our drawings.   And when I superimposed my drawing over his, they were exactly the same length.

    Source: Jaime T. Licauco - "More encounters with the unknown"

  • 28 August
    Reporter's 0riginal drawing of a fish and Geller's reproduction

      On Brazilian T.V. Geller reproduces a reporter's drawing of a fish


  • October

    Uri appears on All Fright On The Night - Halloween Special where he duplicates a guest's drawing of a circle inside a triangle

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PRJlzBNmoY&list=SL


  • April

    "Now sit there, draw something very, very simple on your pad, then photograph it in your mind and then I want you to stare into my eyes and visualise it and transmit it to me...OK?  You have drawn something, haven't you? (A long pause.)  You know, there's no guess work here, either I get it or I don't... I'm getting a sort of round thing.

    I've drawn a spoon.

    Try it again.  Then when you look at me it's very important for you to do the line in your mind and send it out...(Two minutes staring.)  No, I can't get it today.  I just doesn't work.

    I drew that pyramid ornament on your table.

    "I drew a Star of David!" admits Geller. "It's close but not scientifically close.  Let me just ask, do you like what you do John?"  Yes.

    "OK, one more time. I want you to draw it big in your mind. Go ahead! (Big pause.) I'm getting something more clear. But it's not 100 per cent. But it's either two fish or..."

    It was two eyes. " Or two eyes, yes!  I've got it.  I've got it very strongly now...OK, John?"

    "I ask the questions;" - Mail on Sunday - 7 April 1996

  • May

    "He also asked me to draw something on my pad while he looked away and then to conceal the drawing while he tried to guess it. The first time I drew the side view of a car. He said he couldn't get this (although he in fact drew a pair of wheels connected by a line.) Second I drew a camera which he didn't get. Third I drew a TV set. He thought about this for half a minute and then drew an almost exact duplicate of my TV sketch."


  • "For at this point, he hands me a scrap of paper and asks me to draw something, anything, simple. Facing directly towards me, he will try to replicate my drawing on paper of his own as I transmit my thoughts. I draw a rather wobbly cat. Uri concentrates. "You know, I'm getting something. Oh, this is a little complicated. I'm getting an animal. Am I right? Is it something like this?" He shows me his drawing. It is a rather wobbly cat. I must say, I am staggered. I say something like "Shit!" "See, I even got the whiskers," he says. And, by jingo, he did. "See. I did it with Ulrika Johnson the other day." Then we do the drawing "trick" again, him doing the "transmitting" this time. Our drawings are both of houses of identical shape and size. Well, I'll be jiggered. "

    Q magazine

  • June
    Stagg-Elliott's original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "For his next trick, he reads my mind. "I'll show you what I do," he says. "I'm going to close my eyes, and I'll turn away. I won't look. Draw here something very simple and then cover it. Something that you can visualize." I draw a picture of a fish but screw up by accidentally showing him the picture. We try again, and this time I draw a sloppy cube.."Telepathically put it into my head. Look at me. Don't look at what I'm drawing." He draws a cube that is a neater mirror version of my own but, he points out, is the same size. "I really got it very strong. Now let me show you something very fascinating. If you look at your line from here to here and you look at my line, they are going to be millimetrically identical." They are close. Very, very close. "That's telepathy. Being able to read your mind."

    New Moon  Victoria Stagg Elliott  Who's This Fella Called Uri Geller?

  • June

    "David did another drawing as Uri looked away again. This time, after the paper was firmly face down, Uri turned round, smiling. "You’ve drawn a stick man," he said, immediately grabbing a pad and pen of his own from the untidy ledge above the speedometer of the exercise bike. "It’s something like this." He scrawled briefly and the two held up their sketches simultaneously. Uri’s was a perfect copy of David’s – so exact that when we measured them, the height, 6 centimetres, and the width of the head, 1.8 centimetres, were identical."

     Uri Geller, Magician or Mystic?  by Jonathan Margolis.  p.59

    "Let me demonstrate the power of telepathy to you," he says suddenly. He asks me to draw a simple picture of anything I like. As he covers his eyes, I draw a goal with a ball in the top righthand corner. Without seeing the drawing, he asks me to think of the outline in my mind while he does a drawing of his own. The result is an almost identical sketch except for the ball which is in the middle of the goal. Impressive, but like a freekick perfectionist, the boy Uri's not happy with his placing of the ball. "Draw something else, but keep it simple," he instructs. Keeping it ridiculously simple, I draw a picture of Jimmy Hill. "Hmm. This is tricky," says Uri, concentrating hard. "It's a face, but it's a weird sort of shape." He shows me his finished sketch. It's unerringly accurate.

    goal magazine

  • "Uri Geller appeared as co-host of the British show "Beyond Belief". Another experiment was the to send the symbol of a palm tree for readers of the Sun to pick up. The same experiment was conducted on the show. Both audiences responded with the majority correctly identifying the target image (out of five)."

    On the same programme Uri also duplicated a drawing of the sun drawn by Ulrika Johnson on location in Paris, and a drawing of the Capital building drawn by remote viewer David Moorehouse in another studio.)

    Beyond Belief

  • 12 November

    "The next thing they did was have Charlie the Scores girl go into another room and draw a picture. Uri would try to focus on her thoughts and draw the same picture. Well Uri drew a house with an animal (dog) next to it. The girl drew Gary's big ugly teeth...but then when she saw what Uri drew, she said that she had drawn that picture earlier in the morning. Uri explained that he must have been picking up that image because it was set in her mind..."

    Howard Stern Show News Archives. November 1996

  • 21 November

    Uri is a guest on U.K. TV show Gamesmaster where he reproduces host Dominic Diamond's drawing of a pair of scissors

    Source: Video

  • 20 December

    "he asked me to draw a simple picture. While he turned his eyes away, I drew a simple flower in a vase. He then requested me to put the picture into his mind. As I focused the vision into his mind, he made a picture of my drawing. He confessed that he had a little trouble "getting it." The vase looked more like a big squiggle and the flower was larger than mine, but he was pretty close."

    Source: Forward - 20 December 1996 - Orit Arfa. - " A 'Psychic' Shares His Secrets"

  • 1996

    On the BBC program Noels House Party the actress pretending to interview Uri did a drawing while Uri turned his head and covered his eyes. She drew a house.

  • 1996

    "Geller also tried to copy a picture the girl drew in the other room. He drew a house and a dog. The girl had drawn something else but had pre-made a picture with a dog. Geller missed but claimed a hit because he focuses on the 'first' picture.

    Re: Geller in the USA

  • 1996
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    While Uri covers his eyes a player from Reading Town Football Club does a drawing of a house which Uri reproduces.

    [Watch video]

    Secrets of the Paranormal  B.B.C. Two, 1996

  • 1996
    Original drawing and Geller's reproductions

    "When the experiment was carried out for The X Factor, the image (a star) was drawn out of sight of Geller.  Also, the subject was asked to stare at a fixed spot while mentally redrawing the image.  Even with these constraints, Geller succeeded in reproducing the original image.  Both drawings were also exactly the same size."

    The X Factor - 1996 - No. 4 - "Mindbender" - pp. 101-3

  • 1996
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri is interviewed on NBC where he reproduces the interviewers drawing of a flower

    Uri Geller on NBC [video]


  • January?

    "In a demonstration of telepathy, Uri draws five simple objects for us: a bottle, a star, a chair, a pair of glasses, and an apple. He projects into our minds the image which he has previously drawn and sealed in an envelope. Each of us in the audience draws the image we "receive" from Uri. In the last minute of the show, Uri reveals his drawing, which has been waiting ceremoniously inside a clear plastic box on stage since the start of the show: a star. We all hold up our drawings: about 75% of us, myself included, have drawn stars."

    Jane Bernstein   A Day With Uri Geller

  • February
    Uri Geller on 'Beyond Belief'

    Four of the five Zener symbols are displayed. They are the square, star, circle, and cross. Before the show Uri placed one of the symbols inside an envelope and he intended to transmit this symbol to the Viewers. It was the star.

    Beyond Belief

  • November

    Uri reproduces a drawing of a cat drawn by Lesley Alexander at a UFO exhibition in Bradford.

    ITN archive

    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction
  • "Uri also showed me his telepathic ability by asking me to draw a simple picture, hold it to my chest and then look at his eyes, thinking about my drawing. He hid his eyes while I drew a flower and then incredibly drew an identical flower of the same size. I was absolutely astonished and very impressed."

    Holistic London Guide   Who is the real Uri Geller?

  • 1998

  • 28th February

    "He also did some mind reading. You draw a picture. He reads your mind and reproduces it. It didn't work first time (a boat). But he was quite close the second (a circle with a cross in it). It was impressive, though he did emphasize that my drawing should be "big and simple". In fact, he repeated the word "big" several times."

    The Guardian   Would you believe it?

  • February

    Uri is a guest on Spanish TV show "El poder de la mente" where he duplicates host Eduardo Punset's drawing of an equilateral triangle.

    El Escéptico - No. 2 - "Enredados con Uri Geller"

  • 4th March

    "Then he played a mind game with Ashton, asking him to draw a picture and hide it. Within minutes, Uri had drawn an identical picture - a hamburger exactly the same size as Ashton's drawing.

    Oxford Mail   Psychic star Uri steps in for Toby

  • August

    Uri: "I have sealed a secret drawing in my safe." Uri had drawn a pair of scissors. After one year no one had guessed the drawing.

  • 16th November

    "Draw a simple figure", he cried. "Simple, simple!" He whirled round on his rotating chair, shielding his eyes with his hand, as I drew a dog-cum-donkey, covering my notebook like the school swot. "Is it finished!" he kept shouting. "Now," he said, leaning on the table between us, his eyes swiveling worryingly beneath the pale, lightly closed lids, "I want you to draw it in your head."..Mmmm," he said, twiddling in the air with a callused finger. "No, no." But I was fascinated to see that he was indeed outlining a vague trapezium; and then he grabbed the Margolis book and drew fast on the endpapers.Frankly, there must have been something wrong with my mental aerial, because the resulting oblong wasn't very close: although he did point out that our drawings were of a similar size.."Again!" he said, and this time, to aid transmission, I did a smiley face and - zap - the image leapt effortlessly from my skull to his.."Is it something like a smiley face?" asked the psychic. I gasped. Well. Almost. After the first stupefaction wore off, and our conversation proceeded, I reckoned he might well have been able to study the motion of my pen top. I could have sworn he did not peek, but let us say that the carapace of my cynicism was more or less intact."

    The Daily Telegraph  Boris Johnson   Going on a bender with a coffee spoon

  • 28th November
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "…But Uri was to reprise this with a feat yet more amazing. He gave me a piece of plain card and asked me to draw something on it - a picture, squiggle, symbol, anything at all. He covered his eyes while I did my doodle, then told me to put it face down on the table I then had to think intently about the shape, I had drawn and try to brand it into Uri's mind. The shape I had drawn was far from obvious: a kite shape with a cross through it. But nevertheless, within about 30 seconds Uri had produced a drawing which almost exactly resembled mine."

    Liverpool Echo   We put Uri's mind-bending powers to the test

  • 4th December

    "MANY of you looked into Uri's eyes as part of our paranormal experiment a week ago. One reader reported: "I felt his eyes were almost alive, real and looking into mine with intense power." The image sent to our offices by Uri, and the one he was trying to communicate to readers telepathically, was the star. Readers responded with pictures including a desert island with palm trees, and a castle. One reader connected, however, and sent in a star. It was signed only `Andy S'

    York Gateway


  • "He had already done the bend-the-spoon thing for me earlier, and now, after clearing everyone out of the conference room, he gave me a two-by-four-inch piece of paper and a thick magic marker and asked me to draw something while he looked the other way. Two loud, squeaky motions of the marker and then a bunch of squiggles later he turned to me and said, 'a tree.' He was right"

    James Altucher. - "Focus Your Mind on IAC/InterActiveCorp"

  • "In the end he 'telepathically' reproduced the drawing Tim Sebastian (the host) had previoulsy done and hid in his pocket. The drawing was a triangle with a sphere on top (a poor attempt to draw the Eiffel tower). Uri got it right, and stressed out that the dimension of the base was exactly right."

    Uri Geller on HARDtalk

  • 19 March

    Uri is interviewed on Channel Five news [U.K] where he attempts to transmit one of a number of ESP symbols to the audience. The symbol he was sending was the star

    Source: ITN Archive

  • 27th May

    For Jane Yates of Coed y Bryn correctly guessed the shape telepathic artist Uri Geller was drawing 250 miles away in the broadcasting studios of Atlantic 252 in London. "The shape of a star came into my head, so I drew it and sent it off and thought nothing more about it," she said.

    Tivy-Side Advertiser   A mindblowing prize

  • September

    On Channel Four’s "Big Breakfast" show Uri attempts to send an image to the viewers. It is a triangle with a semi circle on its base. Uri also duplicated a drawing made by one of the presenters, a picture of the Sun.

  • September

    "Uri offered to perform a little telepathic experiment for me.  He asked me to draw something on a sheet of paper while he went out of the rooom.  I drew a star with a black felt pen and then turned the sheet upside down.  Uri came into the room and asked me to ... mirror mine perfectly in for me to concede that he had reproduced what I had in my thoughts even though what the star he had drawn did not have exactly the same angle with the vertical!"

    Robert Bauval. - Secret Chamber: The Quest for the Hall of Records - Century, 1999 - p. 378

  • 31st October

    Uri was the special guest on a program called "Hey watch this" on the cable channel VH1. During a commercial break Uri asked a young boy to make a drawing. The boy drew a head/face with simple shoulders. In response Uri drew a face with a large circle underneath for a body. After getting it right Uri remarked "It’s amazing. He could have drawn anything, a star, a house, a tree or a triangle." Referring to what had occurred when the drawing was done the show's host J.J said: "I witnessed the whole thing. I closed my eyes along with Uri"

  • 6th November

    "He turns away, and gets me to draw something on my napkin. I cover it with my hand, he turns back, eyes closed, and tells me to think about the image. Quickly he sketches out two circles which are half the simple flower I had drawn.

    Financial Times  Lunch With The FT: The weirdest thing about Uri...

  • 18th November

    "..Geller pulled me aside, gave me paper and asked me to draw something. "Keep it simple, please," he said, turning. I drew a house with a triangular roof and a door. He closed his eyes and told me to concentrate on the image. He started sketching. A minute later he asked me if my drawing was complete. I said it was... Geller drew a square house with a triangular roof but no door. "Ah," he said, "that's why mine was incomplete. You weren't thinking of the door." In truth, I hadn't been."Want to see something that will really blow you mind?" Geller asked, sounding like a thrilled teenager. Even though we'd both drawn freehand, when we laid his house over mine, I saw that the two squares were virtually identical in size."

    USA Today  Uri Geller on a new bent


  • May? 2000

    For Martyn Lewis the host of Ultimate Questions Uri reproduces a drawing of a tree.

    Ultimate Questions (with Martyn Lewis, Heather Couper, Uri Geller)

  • May 2000

    On the Fox T.V show Powers of the Paranormal Uri reproduced the drawing of a stick-man.

  • "For instance, on TV there was a discussion programme about the sixth sense on which Yuri Gellar appeared. I guess he's known outside of Britain as he did an opening voice over for David Blain's show. He got the presenter, a very upright and, by necessity, neutral news anchor to draw a simple picture, put it in an envelope and keep it in his pocket. Then, live on air, Uri got a pad and drew the same thing! A tree. It was even the same height!

    "David Blain" by Schoolboy

  • "Geller succeeded in fixing some broken watches and ``fairly accurately'' duplicated a sketch that another guest, actor Tim Robbins, had drawn backstage without Geller first seeing it, a publicist for the show, Carrie Simons, said after the taping. ``It was very unusual, he drew a snail. And that is very odd, and rare2. ... and I duplicated it,'' Geller told Reuters after the taping.

    Geller’s Comeback Bid

  • A Swedish reporter draws a figure "eight", which Uri reproduces.

      The Leopold report


  • January

    "He then asks me to draw something while he’s got his back to me and the photographer makes sure he’s got his eyes closed. Once done, he asks me to stare at him while thinking of what it was. He then does his own sketch, a flower, which matches the one I’d drawn almost perfectly in dimension."

    Men’s Fitness   Mind Games

  • March

    During an appearance in Oxford Uri reproduces a picture of a smiley face.

  • April

    "Melanie Doel, from BBC Wales, was asked to draw something in secret to see if Geller could replicate it. She drew her son's pet rabbit and Uri drew the same animal. She then returned home to find the actual pet had gone missing. Doel said: "The picture Uri Geller did was really similar to mine and the same size. I don't think he could see what I was doing and there was no-one else in the room."

     Uri Geller 'makes pet rabbit disappear'

  • May
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    On 'The RDA with John Gordillo' Geller duplicates the host's drawing of a tree -

    Source: The RDA with John Gordillo S2 Ep40

  • May?

    “ Prior to the show going on the air, Uri had asked presenter Martyn Lewis to draw something simple but not tell him what it was or show him. He said that whilst they were in the middle of the show he would try and draw what Martin had drawn and see if it matched. So during the show it came that time, the time to see if Uri had got it right. The hushed audience sat transfixed staring at Uri as he bent over his small piece of paper trying to re-create what Martyn had drawn earlier. Uri asked Martin to visualize very strongly what he had drawn, and try and highlight the edge in his mind. A few moments later and Uri had finished - he turned to camera and then the audience and showed them all what he had drawn. Uri had drawn a simple picture of a tree. Martin’s face dropped like a stone and with a smile and a shake of his head he then reached into his jacket pocket and brought out his own drawing, that of a tree. Not only was it the same drawing, but it was exact in all its dimensions. ! From the top of the tree to the bottom, the height matched exactly what Uri had drawn.”

    SPI News

  • July?

    Uri is interviewed on the Lisa Chait show - Cape Talk radio, South Africa.

    Host: You asked me to draw a picture. Which I've done

    Uri: Oh yeah, wait, wait. Look first of all, we've got the drawings, which I beamed my, my, you know my, the symbol I chose. Now you drew a picture and I'm, you know we have just a few more minutes. I want you to focus on that picture, and I'll try to see if I can receive it, I doubt it, because you know I am tired, and it is thousands of miles away. But what I'm getting, is, it's really what I'm getting is what I drew, I'm getting a square and a, like a triangle protruding out of it on the top, and something circular on the left side. That's all I've got. Am I very wrong?

    Host: Medium.

    Uri: Medium. All right, don't tell me what it was.

    Uri also attempted to send a symbol to the listeners:

    "I have drawn on a piece of paper, five symbols, now you people at home please draw them. ... from left to right, a circle, a star, a cross, a triangle and a square. ... I'm now focusing on one symbol, on one shape, and I'm now transmitting it to all of you out there. So I'm now also repeating the name of what I drew, in my mind. I'm going to say it five times."

    The symbol Uri was sending was the star.

    Uri Geller on the Lisa Chait show

  • December

    "he asked me to draw a simple picture (whilst he looked away) then, whilst keeping it covered, to think about what I'd drawn. (A simple house - I'm no artist.) He then drew a house which was very similar to mine."

    Source: Psychic power: Fact or Fake?

  • 2001?

    "For our "Coffee With" segment, Uri had Don pre-draw a simple picture on a plain piece of WJZ stationery during the preceding commercial. With his back turned to Uri's also turned back, Don drew a picture of "Dennis the Menace", folded the paper up, so no lines showed, and put it in an inner pocket. Minutes later, Uri had Don think of his sketch and concentrate on it while staring in Uri's eyes. Geller then a "Picasso-esque" head with lots of hair -- not that dissimilar from Don's Menace"!!!!!!!!!!!!!drawing -- and said he kept hearing the phrase "Dennis the Menace"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WJZ-13 Morning Edition


  • 23rd January

    A presenter on Channel Four's Big Breakfast Show draws a face.

  • January

    "Most Lynn News readers who took part in Uri's experiment in telepathy chose the star symbol that he blasted across West Norfolk using the power of his mind. But it was a close run thing, with the fish and the chair proving popular choices."

    Uri's the star

  • 17th February

    "Using my notebook, Uri tore off two pages and handed me one with the instruction to draw a picture and then hold it to my chest. When I had done this I was told to concentrate my mind on transmitting the image to him. I drew an eye with large eyelashes coming off the lower lid. Uri's hand began to dart about the paper. And there it was - my eye! Not only was it exactly the same picture but exactly the same size too. Still I wasn't convinced - I asked Uri if we could do it the other way round. Uri made a sketch and held it to his chest. Without thinking at all I drew a heart - just as an absent-minded doodle - then concentrated on trying to get the image. After a minute I gave up. "Nothing's coming to me," I moaned. "Yes - it has," he said as he uncovered his paper to reveal a small heart."

    I witness baffling power in his hands

  • 19th February
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Fern Britten, one the hosts of ITV's This Morning Show draws a cat which Uri reproduces.

    View video

  • 20th February

    Uri is interviwed on the Gerry Ryan Radio show:

    Ryan: Are you getting the image that I'm sending to you? I'm working working very hard on it at the moment.

    Uri: it's very very hard for me because, you know...

    Ryan: Just say what comes into your head, what's in your head?

    Uri: Well the first thing that I drew was a, it had a triangular shape at the top. Am I very wrong?

    Ryan: I have sent you an image of the Pyramids. That's it! Are you really? Your not pulling my leg? No! No!

    Uri: Gerry I swear to you I drew a pyramid, and I also drew the stones in the pyramid, but I was not sure, so the first image that came into my mind was a triangle and then I drew the lines in it as the stones.

    Gerry Ryan Interviews Uri Geller on radio 2FM, Dublin.

  • 25th March

    "To coincide with his visit to Wrexham Science Festival, Uri has set up these online experiments on our North East Wales web service to test your ESP. ... Clear your mind and focus on Uri's hand-drawn shapes. Can you decide which one he's "sending" to your mind?" [The choices were: circle , star, square, cross, triangle.]


    "People who took part in our fun ESP test with paranormal guru Uri Geller correctly guessed what he was thinking - the shape of a star... Amazingly, 53% of people correctly guessed the answer with 15% each for the square and triangle."

    Revealed: Uri's ESP test findings

  • 16 April

    Uri appears on B.B.C. TV's "Ready, Steady, Cook". Presenter Ainsley Harriott drew a side-view of a car.

  • 11 May

    "At this point Uri instructed one of the young reporters to draw a picture on her pad while he looked away from her. She did this and then tore the picture from the pad and folded and hid the page behind her back. Uri turned around and took the pad from her and told the girl to concentrate hard on the picture while staring at him. He then proceeded sketch a picture on the pad himself. When the two pictures were put together they were not only similar, but almost identical, in size as well as subject. The reporter had drawn a tree and so had Uri. The trunk of the tree in Uri's picture when overlaid onto the reporters picture was within a millimetre of being the same."

    Uri Geller's Spring Spectacular

  • 2002
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    On German TV (NDR's Talkshow) Uri reproduces a drawing of a tower or skyscraper.


  • On the Swedish TV show High Chapparal Uri partially reproduces the co-host's drawing of the numeral five. The two drawings are very similar in size.

    Source video

  • 6 January

    " There was further fun as Uri used telepathy to perform a mind-reading feat. Alexander Pasha, 7, who was visiting his uncle, Hillard Pasha, drew a simple picture of a cat, which Uri managed to duplicate."

    Uri Geller visits Rela Goldhill Lodge

  • October?

    "Later, during another break in filming in the haunted house that we were investigating together, Uri asked if we could do a telepathy experiment. Being an old hand at that game, I took care to hold the pad I was drawing on in such a way that my hand movements couldn’t be watched and used as clues to the symbol I was drawing. When I’d sketched something, Uri asked me to concentrate on it mentally as though it was an image on a TV screen, while looking into his eyes. I did. He drew the identical image ( a smiley face)– approximately the same size – and showed it to me.

    President’s Piece in Assap News

  • September

    Uri appears on Channel 4's "The Salon". He reproduces a drawing of a Smiley face with spikey hair.

  • December?

    "finally he said that if i did a "simple drawing" he would try and copy it by mental connection... on the first page of 'Money' by Martin Amis i drew a picture of a cat face; two big circle eyes and J like lines indicating a mouth and whiskers... right before i put it down i thought "i bet everyone draws a house" while i was drawing Uri had his back turned, he couldn't possibly have seen the thing... i covered it with my hand (yes completely) and gave him a copy of another Amis book "Times Arrow" for him to draw his version of what he "saw", stared at him, thought of the image... well, he drew two circles pretty much the exact size of the ones i'd drawn then said he was having trouble picking up the rest as he started to use the circles as wheels for a crude car... "


  • c2003

    "Geller is a guest on Scotish TV's "Offside" where he reproduces host Tam Cowan's drawing of a house


    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri has his own special on the Greek channel Alter TV. He reproduces a drawing of a flower made by a journalist before the show. He also "sends" one of the five ESP symbols to the viewing audience; the star.

  • 28 January
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri appears on 30 Jahre nach Thoelke: Uri Geller und der verbogene Löffel on Germany's stern TV - RTL channel where he reproduced a drawing of an arrow made by the host Guenther Jauch.

    Source: Uri Geller - a compilation of drawing duplications

  • April?
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri appears on BBC Radio Jersey's Murray Norton show where he reproduces the hosts drawing of a boat

    Uri Geller interview with Murray Norton

  • May
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Geller duplicates a drawing of a flower made by physicist Jack Sarfatti.

  • 17 June
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "He also correctly replicated a drawing (a nested circle and triangle) that I had made and kept secret from him. I have no idea how he did all this ... but it was all very impressive."

    Dr. John F. Murray. - "A Visit to Uri Geller's Home in England"

  • September

    "Uri asked one of the children to draw something on a piece of paper whilst his back was turned. The paper was then turned over and the children had to try and get across to Uri what had been drawn using only their mind. Uri then drew a heart with exactly the same dimensions as the one that had just been drawn. We were all astounded.

    Visit to Uri Geller

  • 19 November

    On Swiss T.V. show "Quer " Uri duplicates host Patrick Rohr's drawing of a triangle

    Video: Uri Geller on Quer

  • 20th November
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    On Die Uri Geller Show for RTL Uri duplicates (apparently 'live') guest Yvonne Catterfeld's drawing of a flower.  He also attempts to send an image to the viewers at home.  A star.


    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "He also demonstrated his talents with David live on air when he got him to do a drawing ( a face) and put it in his back pocket, out of view. Uri then managed to virtually replicate the drawing. Even spookier, Uri's drawing matches the dimensions of David's sketch!"

    David Jensen Meets Uri Geller

  • November
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri is a guest on the Jensen show in Holland. He duplicates the host's drawing of a tennis racket.

  • December

    During a private meeting Uri duplicates a drawing of a house


  • 13 October
    Geller on

    Uri is a guest again on Swiss TV's Quer where he reproduces reporter Florian Inhauser's drawing of a triangle atop a circle

    Video: Uri Geller on Quer

  • November
    Geller's reproduction of El Al pilot's drawing of a fish

    For Keshet TV's - 'The Successor' - "he drew a copy of a picture that had just been drawn by a pilot flying an El Al jet above the Sinai desert. (It was a fish.)"

    "And for his next trick, Uri Geller turns into reality TV star in Israel" - [ Watch video]

  • November
    Uri Geller on 'The Successor'

    For Keshet TV's - 'The Successor' Geller attempts to transmit the identity of one of the five ESP symbols to the audience - the star

  • December
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "He also performed some telepathy on me: he turned around and asked me to draw something simple and then cover it with my hands. I did so, he turned around and drew the EXACT same dawing. The diamond shape even includes a small segment I added on to make it more unique. I was well impressed, again. The final "feat" (he told me not to use the word "trick") he performed was to ask me to think of any building in any capital city. I thought of Sacre-Ceur in Paris. He had it already written down (ok, Paris might have been the obvious choice, but why not the Eifell tower?).

    Spoon bending and mind reading

  • December?

    Uri is a guest on an Israeli afternoon T.V. show where he duplicates the co-host's drawing of a house

  • December?
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    On an Israeli T.V. show Uri approximately duplicates a drawing of a circle trisected by lines, similar to the anti-nuclear symbol.

  • 13 December

    "Uri Gellar was in studio this morning (Wednesday 13th Dec) but was unable to convince Ray of his great powers!
    So Uri set Ray a task...Draw a picture on a piece of paper and Uri would then replicate the picture without looking at Ray's offering.
    And the result...well see for yourself! (Ray D'Arcy drew an abstract of the sun over some hills. Geller's response was a face drawn in profile.)

    "Uri tries to read Ray's mind" [Original drawings]


  • 5 February

    "On Monday, February 5th 2007, Uri Geller told Mooney listeners that he was drawing a symbol - either a square, star, circle, three wavy lines or a cross. He was sending the images to our listeners by the power of thought and was faxing the Mooney team his drawing. Congratulations to all of you who correctly contacted us to saw you thought it was a star!"

    Source: RTE radio - Mooney show gallery

  • 28 April

    Uri appears on QVC and duplicates the hosts drawing of a palm tree

    Source: ShoppingTelly.com Forum - Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

  • 24 May

    Uri is a guest on the "Jensen Show" in Holland where he attempts to send one of five symbols to the viewers. Circle, star, square, wavy lines and triangle. The symbol being sent was the star

  • 8 October

    "One journalist was asked to draw a random figure on a piece of paper and then hide it.  She was then asked to “think” it into Uri’s mind.  The geometrical form of a Christmas tree was drawn in form and shape so exactly; one could compare it to a photocopy."

    "Event at Gartenheim: Uri Geller as a Guest in Hanover"

  • October
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri is a guest on the internet show "Yo on E!"

    Host: "Before we came on the air, Uri calls me to the green room, he turns his back and says 'draw a picture. Make it simple but draw any picture. Then take that piece of paper, fold it up and put it in your pocket.'"   - The presenter had made a rough drawing of a house which Geller duplicates closely.

    Source: Yo on E! - Uri Geller interview

  • 24 October
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri is a guest on "Reality Remix" where he duplicates the hosts drawing of a "ladybug

    Source: Uri Geller on Reality Remix

  • Uri is co-host on NBC's "Phenomenon" where he tries to send one of five esp symbols to the viewers.   28 percent correctly guess that Uri is sending the star

  • 2008

  • 7 January

    Geller appears on a German chat show. Before the show the host made a drawing that resembled a die face showing the number four.  Having started to draw something circular Geller gives up and fails to get the drawing.

    Source: Uri Geller & Stefan Gödde im Talk

  • 25 January

    Geller is a Guest on Pauw & Witteman in Holland where he duplicates the co-host's drawing of a cigarette

    Source: Geller on Pauw & Witteman (Video)

  • March

    Uri appears on Hungarian TV where he duplicates a drawing of a hand, made in advance.

    Source:   Video

  • March

    Uri duplicates a Hungarian newspaper reporter's drawing of a tree

  • April?

    Geller is a guest on Hungarian radio where he approximately duplicates the host's drawing of a guitar.

    Source:  "Uri Geller felkavarta az éter hullámait"

  • April

    Geller appears on Turkish TV where he fails to duplicate the host's drawing of a stick-man, drawing the sun instead.

    Source:  Watch video

  • April?

    Uri is a guest on a morning TV show in Hungary where he duplicates the host's drawing: a side view of a cat

    Watch video

  • 7 October

    Uri is a guest on Russia Today where he duplicates the host's drawing of a car

    Source:  Watch video


  • 13 June

    Uri appears on La Soiree de L'Etrange where he attempts transmit one of the five ESP symbols to the audience at home.  The star.

  • December

    Geller is a guest on V-fm (Greece).  He apparently duplicates the host's drawing of a baby although neither drawing is shown; Geller's being too far from the camera and the host's drawing having been lost.

    UG:  "You did a drawing before I came, and only you know what it is... I'm getting kind of circle, something in it, and then something under it.  Am I wrong?...Very wrong?"

    Host:  "Yes yes, you are right, I think"

    UG:  "So show us what it is"

    Host:  "Can I see that?"

    UG:  "Is it something like this?"

    Host:  "It's a baby"

    UG:  "Ah, I got it... I got it then"

    Host:  "Yeah, yeah"

    Source: Video:  Uri Geller on V-fm


  • July

    Geller is a guest on Reading 107 FM's Robert & Fia breakfast show. He duplicates host Fia Tarrant's drawing of a flower.

    Source: Video:  Uri Geller reads Fia Tarrant's mind - Audio of full interview

  • 31 December

    For one of the hosts of Feliz Año Neox Uri reproduces a drawing of a heart with an arrow through it.

    Source: Feliz Año Neox... XQSĨ - El poder mental de Uri Geller


  • June

    "Geller then handed me a permanent marker and asked that I draw something for him on my own pad, as he turned away and covered his eyes. Like Golda Meir before me, I took his instructions seriously. I drew a circle inside of a triangle, inside of a square. I then covered my drawing. At his request, I attempted to beam him what I had drawn, though I had grown somewhat confused regarding which shape was inside which: no matter. He reproduced my drawing perfectly. "Exactly!" he exclaimed as I uncovered my drawing. "Could it be more millimetrical?"

    "The Spy Who Bent a Million Spoons"

    Dates unknown

  • "I was watching a late-night talk show one night, and the mc was speaking with Yuri Geller, the well-known psychic (the one James Randi has give so much of his energy and life to 'debunk') At one point, Geller asked for a piece of clean paper and a pen. He then told the mc that he would draw a figure on the paper, and then 'send' the image to him and also to anyone in the tv audience watching. He then drew the image, being careful to keep anyone from seeing what was drawn, and then he concentrated for a second. At that instant, I received a line drawing in my head, which I instantly recognized. So did the mc of the show. It was the head of an elephant. I was so amazed, I couldn't speak. THAT was real. I don't understand how that works, or why, but I know it happened."

    Bruce Brodnax.  John Edward's Cold Reading Gig

  • c 1974

    "Uri asked Joel to draw something relatively simple, and not show it to him. He would try to tell Joel what he'd drawn... As the taping of the show continued, Joel took a pad and pencil and placed them in a way on his lap so that Geller could not see the top of the pencil moving, thus preventing Geller from seeing the direction of the sketching. Joel purposely did not tell Uri that he'd spent years in art school, majoring in cartooning. It took Joel only a few moments to draw a scene, not quite one as simple as Uri had requested. It was Joel's intent not to draw a stick figure, on the chance that many people did, and Uri might guess Joel had done the same. Joel hurriedly sketched a log cabin with a window and a smoking chimney, included several pine trees, some bushes, a bird flying, clouds in the sky, and a boy walking toward a small pond to the right of the cabin. Joel drew the child carrying a pail. Then he quickly turned the pad upside down so Geller had no way to see what he'd drawn, during or after the process."Okay. You,ve drawn the picture," Geller said, seeming to mo mentarily stare in space. Perhaps he was concentrating. Then he took a piece of paper and a pen to sketch what he telepathically thought Joel had drawn. After a few moments, when he'd finished, they showed each other their respective drawings. Uri Geller had drawn nearly the identical picture Joel had: a house, a tree, a pond, and a boy carrying a rectangular box with a handle. He'd even reproduced the bird correctly. There had been no one else in the room to communicate to him what Joel had drawn."

    The Haunting of Twenty-First-Century America - William J. Birnes and Joel Martin - pp. 45-46

  • c 1975
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction of two stick-men

    Uri is a guest on Not for women only hosted by Barbara Walters - he reproduces a drawing of two stick figures drawn by Walters.

  • c 1973-'75

    In the Channel Four documentary Equinox "The Secrets of the Psychics" Uri is shown reproducing a drawing of a house.

  • c 1975

    "It is interesting to note that in the British experiment Geller drew a simple daisy-like flower."

    Journal of Occult Studies   A Mass Public Experiment in Psychokinesis and Telepathy at a Distance with Uri Geller as Agent

  • c 1975

    "He drew something on a piece of paper and asked me to draw what he had drawn. I told him I couldn't of course, but he said just put pencil to paper and see what happens. I did, and found myself drawing two sailing boats against a rocky headland. It was almost exactly what he had drawn."

    Life with Googie by John McCallum. - Heinemann, 1979

  • c 1976
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Don Elkins draws a car which Geller reproduces.

    Secrets of the UFO p.19    (Extract)

  • c 1981

    "Geller turned his back on me, so he looked out over the restaurant (I was in a corner) and asked me to do a drawing on the back of the menu card. I did a sketch of a funny monster I draw for my children. I kept glancing at Geller to make sure he wasn't peeking, or holding a mirror in his hand. Then he made me turn the menu over and cover it with my hand. He turned round again, and asked me to redraw the thing in my mind, and try to convey it to him. After a couple of false starts, he suddenly drew a duplicate of the monster on the menu. There was no way he could have guessed it."

    The unexplained magazine - Colin Wilson. - "The psychic superstar" - p.688

  • c 1985

    On the programme The World Around Us Uri reproduces a drawing of a Christmas tree

    Source video

  • c 1992

    "He retreated to the far side of the studio, faced the wall and asked me to draw something on a piece of paper.  When I concelaed the paper he came over, sat down, looked me in the eye and drew something very similar on his piece of paper.  OK, mine was a ladder and his was a fence, but they were exacttly the same size and had the same number of rungs/supports."

    Jeremy Nicholas.  "Uri Geller, Mystifier"

  • c 1995

    "I went to his house in the mid-90's and interviewed him for a magazine article I was writing. He did the classic spoon bend, and replicated a drawing that I did without him seeing. (I drew a Christmas tree -- thought it was something a Jewish guy like Geller would not think of if he was just guessing... but he replicated it perfectly.)"


  • c 1995
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri approximately duplicates a drawing of two intersecting rectangles, similar to a christian cross

  • c1995

    Uri is a guest on Carta Blanca (Spain).  He approximately duplicates a drawing of a tree made by one of the show's hosts.

    Source: http://videos.wittysparks.com/id/760557367/

  • c 1996
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri is a guest on a German TV show.  He duplicates the host's drawing of a parrot-like bird

  • c 1996

    "He reproduced target pictures exactly to the nearest millimetre (square, triangle with a dot in the centre, etc.)"

    Professor V. G. Lukes

  • c 1996

    "In the case of Ruth England, Uri Geller was not in the same room, nor had he yet arrived at the studio. Ruth's sketch was done before the cameras began to roll - and although I don't remember exactly, ...In the case of Ruth, I was standing behind the cameras and could clearly see his gimmic/trick/whetever in action in realtime. .. We gave him no assistance. He drew - WITH COMPLETE AND UNEXPLAINABLE EXACT PROPORTIONS (to less than a milimeter) - the ashamedly bad tortoise she had drawn.

    Uri Geller on GamesMaster

  • c 1997

    "And he did an amazing piece of telepathic drawing in the studio with the presenter, a very cynical Scottish lady.  She quickly drew something on a piece of paper and said to him, 'Hurry up, hurry up. Come on, what did I draw? You draw it too - but the news is coming up, hurry, hurry.'.."Well, that's not the best sort of mood to put someone in who's trying to use his powers of telepathy to ascertain what the lady was drawing.  But nevertheless, under the circumstances he did very well. She held up her picture of a house with two windows, a door and a chimney, and he held up his picture of a house with a door and two windows in exactly the same place, but no chimney. It was identical [sic], apart from the chimney. And he asked her if, when she was thinking of the picture - because he asked them to think what they'd drawn - 'You didn't think of the chimney, did you?' And she said, 'No, I forgot the chimney.' That spoke for itself."

    The Jerusalem Post   A mind-bending movie

  • c 1997

    Geller is interviewed at home by Ivo Niehe of Dutch TV. Niehe draws an embelished stick figure - Geller draws a cat containing many aspects of the original drawing.

    Source: Geller on TV Show Op Reis

  • c 1998
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri is a guest on a German TV show where he duplicates the host's drawing of a multi-pointed star

  • c 1999

    "Paranormalist Uri Geller recently visited the Showgram studios and demonstrated some of his awesome powers.  Kevork was asked to draw any picture behind Uri's back and to project the image mentally to him. Uri Geller successfully matched Kevork's picture millimetrically (by width) without ever looking at it!" The drawing was of a fish.

  • "In a private communication Mary Harrison, author of many books on the paranormal, yet very sceptical of it's reality, gave an account of a private interview with Uri Geller. She said he asked her to think of a picture which he would try to draw. She concentrated on a shamrock with heart-shaped leaves. He produced a result which was very nearly correct. He obtained the outline shape but added a heart shape at one place."

    Intelligence Behind the Universe! - chapter 9

  • c 2000

    Uri is interviwed on a news programme for Hungarian Tv (TV2). He reproduces the reporter's drawing of a triangle

  • c 2000?

    "... he asked me to think of an image, any image and then he drew it. directly. exactly what I had in my mind (an eye). Same size etc. Without me telling him of course. . . even though there were tiny differences and I mean tiny, when he drew a line along the bottom and along the top of my drawing and then on his, the scale was the same."

    Source: A Problem With Telepathy

  • c 2003
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    Uri duplicates a drawing of a square drawn by a Russian reporter.

    Watch video

  • c 2004
    Original drawing and Geller's reproduction

    "I drew this picture, (the Sun) I couldn’t even see what I was drawing because I was so concerned, like thinking maybe there’s a mirror or something, and so I drew this picture, you know? After I drew it, I put it inside a book, and he was turned around the other way. And he said, “OK, are you ready?” And I said “Yes.” And he turns around and faces me, just like us right now, and he says “OK. Here’s what I’m going to do. Look me in the eye and I want you to visualize what you drew and I’m gonna draw it.” I was like, “OK, Cool.” So, he’s drawing it like this, ok, looking me in the eyes. And, this is how sure of his power he is: He goes, “Is this what you drew?” Of course it was what I drew. And he said “Watch this!” and he grabs my piece of paper from under the book and he superimposes it on top of his picture and it was a photocopy."



    Flower - 20Face - 22House - 17
    Circles & variants - 12Boat - 11Tree - 22
    Star - 10Kite - 3Horse / Dog - 6
    Car - 6Sun - 5Stick-men - 5
    Hearts - 5Church - 2Triangles & Variants - 16
    Aeroplane - 2Boot / Shoe - 3Fish - 4
    Square / Cube - 3Figure "8" / Infinity Sign - 4Rabbit - 3
    Cat - 7Bird - 2 Other - 86

    Images sent by Geller

    Star - 16Boat - 3Tree - 3House - 3Figure "8"/Infinity Sign - 2
    Flower - 2Face - 1Circle / Triangle - 3Bird - 1Other - 40

    Other Performers

  • Marcel Vogel

    "He then asked us to close our eyes. More in sorrow than in anger - that is to say, very half-heartedly - I did so. Vogel then announced that he was beginning the transmission of the image. In my mind's eye (and apparently somewhere around the middle of my forehead) I "saw" at that point a triangle, on which seemed to be superimposed a rather less clear circle. I opted for the triangle. Vogel then said he was giving the image a colour. At first it seemed to me that the triangle was blue - then it became red - and I opted definitely for red. Vogel said we should now open our eyes. He asked how many of us had had an image. Some fifty people or so raised their hands. I must confess that I did not bother to raise mine. Vogel pointed to one of the volunteers - "You sir, what did you get?" His answer - a triangle. At this point I almost literally fell off my seat. Further shock was however already on its way. Vogel told us that he had projected the image of a triangle enclosed in a circle. First he had coloured it yellow, but then after a moment had switched the colour to red."

    The Paranormal by Stan Gooch  p.37

  • Matthew Manning

    5th May 1975 Mr. Manning attempts to send a picture of a sail-boat. The person involved had drawn a tug-boat.

    Mr. Manning sends an image of a circle on top of a triangle.

    For a demonstration for Japanese television Mr. Manning chose to send a picture of a rising sun.

    In The Minds of Millions  by Matthew Manning.  pp.137-9

    In the summer of 1977 readers of the Sunday Mirror were asked to guess which colour, three-figure number, and drawing Matthew Manning was concentrating on. These turned out to be Green, 123, and a house.

    Tabloid Mass ESP Tests

    In a similar demonstation for a Swedish(?) newspaper Manning attempts to send; "482", yellow and a fish.

    In The Minds of Millions  by Matthew Manning.  pp.135-6

  • Doris Stokes

    For The Sun newspaper in April 1984 Doris attempts to send the images of a house, the sun, and three wavy lines.

    Tabloid Mass ESP Tests

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