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Daily Express - 24 November 1973 - p. 2


URI GELLER the Israeli who is said to bend keys by telepathy, did the trick on television last night - with forks.

David Dimbleby lightly held one end of a B.B.C. fork and Uri stroked the other end. Uri said : "It is bending. It is cracking, I can feel it cracking. It is breaking."

The cameras showed a close-up as the fork came apart at the neck.

Minutes later, while they were discussing the demonstration, author Dr. Lyall Watson, one of the studio panel, suddenly said: "Look." He picked up another fork from the table. It was bent at right angles.


Uri began the show with a demonstration of telepathy. He sketched an exact copy of a sailing ship which had been drawn by a B.B.C. girl hours earlier. Her drawing had been double-sealed in envelopes.

A stopped watch, provided by the BBC, was restarted restarted by the Israeli in a further display.On another watch, the minute hand bent double.

During his performance 14 people telephoned the BBC and claimed to have "received" the boat picture by telepathy.

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