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Daily Mirror - 26th November 1973 - p. 7



MINDBENDER Uri Geller pulled off another astonishing mental feat yesterday. He learned to play noughts and crosses ... Without anyone telling him how.

The man whose Strange mental powers startled TV viewers last week picked up the rules of the game by long-distance mind-reading.

It happened when Uri spoke by phone to me and my colleague Peter Thompson from his hotel in London's West End.


In the Mirror offices three miles from the hotel, Peter and I drew the lines for a noughts-and-crosses game.

We asked the 26-year-old Israeli what we had drawn. He put pen to paper and a reporter who was with him told us: "Its a noughts-and-crosses diagram -with a nought in the top right-hand corner."

Then it turned out that Uri had never heard of the game. so he was bewildered by the strange pattern he bad drawn. How did that nought get into the picture when it wasn't on our diagram?  Both Peter and I, while concentrating on the "board" had started Playing an imaginary game. Uri might have picked up the "starter" nought from our thoughts. Afterwards, the former paratrooper said: " I didn't realise what the diagram was until you told me.

"I don't know the game and hadn't got a clue what I was drawing." Uri was overwhelmed that he had got it right. He explained: "I| didn't know whether I would be able to do it over the phone." I was last Friday that Uri amazed Britain with a TV demonstration of his power to "order" metal objects like forks and spoons to twist out of shape.

Today he flies to America. But he has promised to return soon to bend a few more forks ...and minds

The cross-Channel miracle


URI GELLER went on another bender yesterday ... trying to put Britain in a twist from the other side of the Channel.

It happened at exactly 12.30 p.m., the time Sunday. People readers had been asked to have forks and spoons at the ready.

Uri was with me at Orly Airport, Paris, when zero hour arrived Uri then threw his arms in the air and yelled: Bend"

He was hoping that thousands of people in Britain would be concentrating with him on giving their cutlery a turn for the worse. Three people later phoned the Mirror to announce that their forks had taken on new shapes at just the right moment. Earlier, when. Uri strived from London, he gave me a private demonstration of his powers by bending a solid silver hotel spoon ahnost double without touching it. Ile said: "I've been doing this since I was three. and no one has been able to say how It happens.

"I don't know how I do It myself"

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