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The Romeo Error

Lyall watson

Hodder and Stoughton, 1974 - ISBN 034019989X

Quotes & Notes

  • Page 169

    "I have worked several times with the very talented Israeli psychic Uri Geller and he seems always to be very cool and collected. On one recent occasion on a live television programme in London, Geller briefly handled an ordinary table fork brought directly from the BBC canteen and then put it down on a table two feet away, where I and millions of viewers watched it bend until the tines stood at right angles to the handle. A few minutes later he bent the minute hand of a wristwatch almost double, despite the fact that it was enclosed beneath an intact watchglass and never left my hand for a moment. On this same occasion, the studio switchboard was jammed, while the programme was still being transmitted, by dozens of viewers all over Britain whose cutlery, rings, metal bracelets and wristwatches had been variously distorted while Geller was performing. One can only suggest that his talents are sufficiently electromagnetic to be channelled in a broadcast transmission, because these things seldom happen when programmes on which he appears have been pre-recorded."


     No one saw this fork in the act of bending. It had sat unobseved on the table for many minutes before Uri picked it up and remarked that it was now bent. Likewise, no one saw the hands of the watch in an unbent condition; while the camera was on John Taylor, who was conversing with Dimbleby, Uri picked up two watches telling Lyall watson that he had two more broken watches and instructed him to hold them in his hands. When Watson opened his hands the minute hand on one of the watches was seen to be bent up against the glass. Watson himself is unlikely to have noticed the condition of either watch before he opened his hands.

     As for the switchboard being jammed with calls about metal bending in viewers homes this doesn't seem to have been the case. At the end of the programme the host David Dimbleby announced that six viewers had phoned in to say that watches had stopped and a further fourteen claimed to have picked up "telepathically" the drawing of a sail-boat that Uri had duplicated on the show. This programme can be viewed here.

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