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Time magazine - 18 November 1974


Shielded Room

 A substantial portion of TIME'S critique of our paper, "Information Transmission under Conditions of Sensory Shielding" [Nov. 4], is based on Reporter Joe Hanlon's comments in the New Scientist magazine, in which he discusses the Stanford Research Institute's investigation of Uri Geller [the Israeli psychic and magician]. A principal argument in Hanlon's article with regard to the S.R.I, work is that S.R.I, researchers were unaware that Geller could have obtained target information through the use of an implanted radio receiver in conjunction with confederates or bugged rooms. Since it was we who first brought this possibility to Hanlon's attention when he visited us last January, we consider it irresponsible for him to lay naivete about such matters at our door.

Harold Puthoffand Russell Targ

Stanford Research Institute

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