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Ray Stanford recollects...

"Geller said that when I was present, things happened for him much more easily because '...they use your energy, Ray...'. Result? Uri and his 'managers' Yasha Katz, and Werner Schmidt tried to hire me to travel with them so that things could happen more easily and abundantly in Uri's radio, TV, and stage appearances. Uri said, 'If you will be with us, you can have all the money, all the fame, all the women you want...', and he said that right in front of my very beautiful wife! I thanked them but said I had my OWN life to live, and that my wife was woman enough for me!"

But, Uri was right! Somehow it seemed those 'Geller events' WERE using my 'energy' (whatever THAT is), in such way that after each of the fourteen or so days with Uri, I felt like an old wrung-out dish rag, and I wanted no more of it!"

Uri told me that Shippi Strang was his 'psychic battery', but that I have more energy and things happen much easier with ME around. Had Uri been a fake, I doubt he and his managers would have repeatedly tried to get me to join them. Certainly I had no other benefits to offer Geller and company, but I confess to having a very high energy level (as anyone who knows me would affirm) and I really believe that's what they wanted of me. But there was no way I wanted to spend my life merely being a 'battery' for anyone to amaze audiences with psychokinetic phenomena, etc., regardless of the 'company benefits'. :)"

Ray Stanford - used with permission

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