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John Taylor

Viking Press, 1975 - ISBN 0670684708

Quotes & Notes

  • Page 9

    Uri on the Dimbleby Show:

    "He followed this up by restating a stopped watch, bending the second hand inside the watchglass,…"


    The watch with the bent hand was not the watch which was restarted, it was a previously unexamined one lying in the pile with the others. While the camera was on John Taylor and Dimbleby Uri picked up two watches and placed them both into Lyall Watson's hands, with no one seeing the face of either watch. John Taylor should have been  aware of this as he was there at the time.

  • Page 22

    "I myself have seen several watches started by Geller. He never touches them, but asks someone else to take them while he holds his hands over theirs."


    Again, Taylor should know that Uri does handle the restarted watches as he did just that in Taylor's presence on the Dimbleby Show.  

  • Page 47

    On the die test at SRI:

    "He made eight guesses - and every time he was right. But he would not hazard two further tries as he did not feel confident that his perception was clear enough…."In assessing the probability , it seems justifiable not to take the other two into account since they were not even attempted. Only if Geller had tried and failed in these two attempts would they have to be counted."


    As the narration on the SRI film makes clear Uri choose to "pass" on two trials, but in one case "guessed" (correctly) the number "4" after "passing".

  • Page 49

    On the SRI telepathy tests with Uri, Nov/Dec '72:

    "Seven simple pictures were drawn on filing cards before Geller arrived at Stanford, and each was sealed in an envelope by an outside assistant."


    The film's narration mentions fifteen drawings, thirteen of which are shown. The pictures were drawn on what appeared to be file cards for most of the targets, though at least three of the thirteen shown were not. Nowhere does it say that the targets were prepared before Geller's arrival and only one target was said to have been prepared by an outsider. Who drew the remainder of the targets is not mentioned in the film.

  • Page 54

    "…the supposition that some sort of electromagnetic device was secreted by Geller in his teeth or elsewhere in his body has been ruled out, because it would have required collusion on the part of some of the experimenters, as well as being impossible to achieve by present technology."


    Some form of miniature transmitter was perfectly possible at the time and Uri was apparently not searched for such. Nor would the use of a transmitter necessarily require collusion on the part of any of the experimenters, although it is highly unlikely that he employed one.

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