Get a Copy of a Ticket

Get a Copy of a Ticket Online

You cannot download copies of Red Light Camera and Bus Lane Camera violations online.
  • Tickets issued using a handheld computer are available within 5 business days.
  • Tickets written by hand will appear in the system within 10 - 14 business days.

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayIf a parking ticket is no longer available online, you can request a copy of the actual ticket through email. You can also request a printout of parking ticket transactions.

If you need actual copies of more than 5 tickets, please visit a Finance Business Center. There is a $1 fee per ticket after the first 5 ticket copies.

Request copies by Email


Request a printout of all the tickets you have received, organized by either:

  1. Plate number
  2. Ticket numbers
  3. Registrant name and address
When you request a print-out, tell us how you want the information organized.

Send your request to:

NYC Department of Finance
Correspondence Unit
One Centre Street, 22nd Floor
Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayNew York, NY 10007

You should send your request in writing and make sure to include:

  • Full Name (Requests can only be made by Registrant)
  • Current Address including City, State, Zip
  • Plate(s) Numbers
  • State(s) of Registration
  • Ticket Numbers & Date(s) of Issuance
  • How you want the information organized (See above)
  • Let us know if your address is different from the address on the notice or NYS DMV registration.