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Report Corruption

Report Corruption

DOI is investigating the NYPD's response to recent protests around New York City. You can file a complaint regarding inappropriate police conduct online. We continue to refine this process to include the submission of photos and videos and will continue to update. You may submit a complaint anonymously, but if you wish to be contacted, please provide a way for investigators to reach you. To file a complaint, please click on "Submit Report Online" below.

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayAs the Inspector General for the City of New York, the Department of Investigation roots out fraud, waste and corruption.

Pursuant to Mayoral Executive Order 16, City employees must report allegations of corruption to DOI. This ensures that the charges will be probed by investigators independent of the employee's own agency and superiors.

The City's Whistleblower Law protects City employeesXổ số hỗn hợp hôm nay, from retaliation for reporting misconduct, corruption, criminal activity, conflicts of interest, gross mismanagement and abuse of authority.

Reports of fraud, waste or corruption can also be made by:

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nay(212) 825-5959 or 212-3-NYC-DOI

(212) 825-2504

By Mail

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