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Smoking: NYC Quits

Smoking and COVID-19

Smoking increases your risk of respiratory infections and pneumonia, as well as the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. If you are interested in quitting, or need support managing cravings and staying comfortable while indoors, help is available:

  • Visit the , or call 866-NY-QUITS (866-697-8487), to apply for a free starter kit of nicotine medications and to talk to a quit coach.
  • Call your doctor's office to see if they have telehealth or other remote visit options currently available.
  • Talk to a local pharmacist for advice, including about over-the-counter medicine options.
  • See below for more tips and information.

Smoking, Vaping and COVID-19 (PDF, January 13)

Smoking kills about 12,000 New Yorkers every year. If you smoke, quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health. NYC Quits provides you with the information and resources you need to quit smoking, or to support someone who is quitting.

Quitting will:

NYC Quits Resources

Use our resources to create a plan that is unique to you.

  • For information on quitting smoking, see the NYC Quits Kit Guide (PDF). This brochure includes information in Spanish, Chinese and Russian.
    Other Languages: Français

  • Talk to your doctor about medications and counseling to help you manage cravings. Nicotine medications can reduce your cravings and double your chance of success. Most health insurance plans, including Medicaid, cover services to help you quit.

  • Visit the , or call 866-NY-QUITS (866-697-8487) to apply for a free starter kit of nicotine medications and to talk to a quit coach.

  • Find local quit-smoking and quit-vaping programs:
  • Get the NYC HelpMeQuit app. This free resource helps you track your progress, connect with other quitters for support and outlast cravings. Download the app for or .

  • Help a friend or family member who is trying to quit (PDF).

Not Ready to Quit

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayWith smoke-free rules in many public spaces and housing, it can be challenging to manage cravings and nicotine withdrawal in places and situations where smoking or vaping is not allowed. Using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) may help keep you comfortable, even if you are not ready to quit.

Additional Resources

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