Fees and Payments

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services charges agencies for most training classes in which their employees are enrolled. Your agency will receive invoices once a month if staff participated in training classes. Payment is a simple, convenient, and familiar process: Mayoral Agencies must establish an Intra-City budget modification with DCAS. Checks are NOT accepted from mayoral agencies. We advise all agencies to anticipate training needs and expenses at the beginning of the fiscal year and set up budget modifications with DCAS at that time. Once invoices are generated and sent to agencies, and the agency has established the budget mod, L&D draws down upon the allocated funds.


Non-Mayoral Agencies must pay by check. Checks must be made payable to: DCAS/Citywide Training Center. Each agency Training Liaison and/or Agency Fiscal Officer is responsible for ensuring that payment is made to DCAS prior to training.

All training invoice letters with payment instructions are sent from CTC to agency training liaisons.