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Journal of the Society for Psychical Research - Volume 49 number 774 - December 1977



May I draw your attention to a passage in Anita Gregory's review of the book: The Geller Papers, Scientific Observations on the Paranormal Powers of Uri Geller by Charles Panati (JSPR, June 1977, 49, 539).

I quote: "…There is also a brief contribution by Lawrence Fried, President of the American Society of Media Photographers, describing an example of "thought photography" in circumstances convincing him that trickery could not be involved. He put the cap over the lens, secured it with two inch cloth-like photographers tape across the lens cap and barrel. Uri pointed the camera at his head and tripped the shutter, whilst Fried was photographing him. Opposite one frame marker was a picture "somewhat out of focus and underexposed but unmistakably a photograph of Geller'" (p. 171). Both Fried's and Geller's photographs of Geller are reproduced. It occurs to me to wonder why Geller's should apparently be reverse mirror-image wise: Fried's photograph shows the left side of Geller's face illuminated, the "thought photograph" his right side.

Now if Geller did indeed succeed in forming a photograph by means of "thought" , then surely the image would be of the kind most familiar to Geller himself, i.e., the image of himself as seen in a mirror. Geller would, after all, not be familiar with the "normal" view we would have of him. Therefore, one might plausibly expect a reverse, mirror-image to occur, as was indeed reported.

Michael J. Roper

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