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Daily Mirror - 2 February 1974 - p. 1


Paul Connew & Clifford Davis

MINDBENDER Uri Geller pulled off another sensation last night ... He vanished on the first night of his two-week tour of Britain. His backers said he had disappeared following threats to kill him — and late last night Scotland Yard believed that he was hiding in London.

Uri's backers denied that he was frightened of plans by hostile British magicians to "expose " his powers as trickery. His vanishing trick annoyed hundreds of angry theatregoers who had bought tickets for his advertised performance last night in Birmingham town hall.

There were cries of "Fake" when the capacity audience of more than 1,500, who had paid £1.10 for each ticket, were told that Uri would not appear.


The audience — who included members of the Magic Circle. the magicians' association—were told that they would get their money back.

But they were not told of the death threats. These were given as the reason for his disappearance at an impromptu Press conference called by his advisers.

They said that the tour had been called off after an anonymous telephone caller had twice pledged to kill Israeli-born Uri during his Birmingham performance.

One of the calls. they said. was to a private telephone number which Uri's business advisers had kept a secret among themselves.

Yasha Katz, Uri's manager, said "Believe me. these threats were very serious. " Whoever got hold of this telephone number knew a great deal, and could not possibly be a simple crank.

He added: "Url wanted to go on with the show and the tour. but after police stressed the difficulties of protecting him at public performances, we decided to call the whole thing off.

" There's absolutely no question of Uri wanting to duck any challenge. He wants to show the world his power and his talents."


Another of Uri's business advisers, Werner Schmid. said: The caller knew a great deal.

It was a short. sharp call. But it left me with weak knees afterwards."

Birmingham police confirmed later that London police had been in touch with them

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