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ESP Magazine - September 1976

The Psychic World of Uri Geller


On Wednesday, September 1, 1976 at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, you can be part of an extraordinary experiment that will be your chance to test the supernatural powers of Uri Geller - and your own.

 Geller believes that we all possess mysterious energies that need only his power to trigger them off. So he will attempt to prove once and for all that, with your help, he really can accomplish all those strange feats that have become associated with him.
 It's an outrageously difficult test, but Geller not only suggested it, he is obviously looking forward to it.
 At exactly 11:00 p.m. EDT, he will use his powers in one of the most incredible experiments ever.
 This is what he wants you to do:"Just before 11:00 pm EDT, I want ESP readers to get together a personal set of keys, broken watches and broken portable electrical appliances (radios, hair-dryers, toasters). Place them on a table along with the cover of the September issue of ESP magazine.
 "Have a pen or pencil near at hand to fill in the coupon on the right of this page. At 11:00 pm EDT sharp, start concentrating as hard as possible on the set of keys, the watches and the appliances, willing the keys to bend and the watches and appliances to work, believing they will bend or work.
 "Hold the set of keys in your hand, stroke them while focusing your energy and will them to bend. Hold the watches and appliances and will them to work.
 "Concentrate hard for ten minutes, repeating the words "Bend, bend, bend," over and over again. Also, repeat the words "Work, work, work," over and over again. You'll feel self-conscious, but I've proved that if you really believe what you are thinking, it will work. Remember to wind the watches when you are finished.
 "The tremendous energy summoned up by hundreds of thousands of readers all concentrating on the same goal at the same time will make the experiment even more effective. Meanwhile, I will already have been holding a copy of this same September issue of ESP for 20 minutes, concentrating as hard as you, willing those items to bend and work.
 "It will be your mind and your power of concentration that will create the energy to make things happen, but it will be my influence that will trigger the energy.
 "At the same time, I will also be trying to use telepathy to communicate a drawing to you. If, while you're concentrating, you start picking up a mental image, draw it on the space provided on the coupon. (Geller has already made his drawing; the Editor is keeping it locked away until after the experiment.)
 "But take heed. The energy we are all generating may cause other strange things to happen. Forks and spoons may bend, lights may flicker on and off, objects may fall of shelves. Strange noises may be heard and objects may even levitate slightly. Be aware of anything out of the ordinary.
 This is not a gimmick, it is a serious experiment. If you can not participate at 11 o'clock, place your objects on the cover and return to them later. If nothing happens do not be disappointed; ask your friends about their experiences. The phenomenon does not happen to everyone, but it does occur often enough to provide convincing proof of the power of mind over matter."
 If you have anything at all to report, send the coupon to us without delay so we can analyze the results.
 We'll publish the results, with readers reports and photographs, later.

© Howard Smuckler - reproduced with permission

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