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Monitor - February 1974

Uri Geller

Is He a Medicine Show Hype or a Challenge to Science?

Jules Asher


 The psychologists at SRI had, according to Geller, originally opposed thee Institutes studies of his powers. After the Time article, internal politics gave SRI psychologists an opportunity to run their own tests of his alleged paranormal perceptual ability.
 They devised an elaborate, double blind experiment employing 100 envelopes with drawings in them. It was to have run over a 5-day period. According to Dr. Charles Rebert of the Life Sciences Division, Geller tried for three days to reproduce the psychologists' drawings but was unable to function clairvoyantly.
 "He passed on every envelope," said Rebert.
 On the third day the psychologists reluctantly yeilded to the psysicists' request that the experimental procedures be loosened up. Geller then acheived one "hit," but by that time there were suspicions of foul play and the experiment was abandoned, said Rebert.
 "I'm convinced that he [Geller] swapped envelopes on us," remarked Rebert. "He flunked our test."
 Targ admits that Geller cannot always function paranormally and he places some of the blame for failures on "non-believers"."
 "Even the secret introdution of a skeptic who "knows there's no such thing as parapsychology" can quench his [Geller's] abaility," said Targ.

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