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Email from Professor Erich Mittenecker

University of Graz, Austria

Professor Mittenecker,

On Uri Geller's website you are quoted as saying:

"Uri Geller is extraordinarily gifted in telepathy."

Did you say this? ...

11 February 2007

Dear Mr. Knight

Immediately after the end of the Experiment I expressed my surprise with a statement like "Obviously, this can be explained by a special telepathic ability" (precise wording not remembered). In the local press, this was reproduced in various, more or less dramatized versions, My reservations that followed in the days after (and clearly expressed later on, e.g. in a public lecture in Graz, on ESP and similar concepts) and the attempt to give an explanation leaving aside extraordinary (and scientifically still unproved) abilities were not mentioned by the same papers. By the way, in my long life as a scientist I have participated in many experiments on ESP, but (unfortunately)never experienced an unequivocal proof of its existence.


Erich Mittenecker

Prof. Dr. Erich Mittenecker
Institut für Psychologie der
Univ. Graz, Univ.-Pl. 2/D,
A-8010 Graz, Austria

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