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Illustrated Dictionary

Geoffrey Lamb

Kaye & Ward Ltd, 1979 - ISBN 071821207X

Geller, Uri.

Israeli whose alleged supernormal powers, assisted by creatures from outer space, allowed him to bend spoons and keys, stop watches and clocks, and perform mentalism feats. The excitement aroused in the hearts of the credulous (including some scientists and the BBC) gave Geller's activties immense publicity. Sober magicians familiar with the art of misdirection and the use of secret assistants had little doubt about his methods. Some (notably James Randi) were tireless and merciless in their exposures, which were justified in view of Geller's pretensions, though his skill and charm remain unquestioned. A reference to "Gellerism" can be a useful lead-in to tricks with spoons, watches, etc. See Randi, THE MAGIC OF URI GELLER (1975).

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