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Psychic magazine - September 1973

Also published as "Did Uri's mind teleport a meteorite?" in   The Amazing Uri Geller

Teleporting a meteorite

Ray Stanford

 Some remarkable phenomena occured during Uri Geller's visit to Austin, Texas, on July 21-22, 1973. Although the phenomena were spontaneous, precluding rigid scientific control, some of them contain significant self-substantiating elements. His brief stay in Austin was to help in arranging two September public appearances by him, with sponsorhip of the Association for the Understanding of Man (A.U.M.).
 At the mutual studios of KTBC-TV and KLBJ-RADIO, a tape-recorded interview with Geller was made by well-known radio-TV personality "Cactus" Pryor. During the interview, Geller caused the file of a nail clipper to break by lightly touching it, and a thick brass key to bend without touching it.
 When Geller stepped out of the recording studio he told me, "I have attempted something I have never tried before. I do not know if it will work. I tried having things bend for people in the radio audience while the recording is being played next Tuesday [July 24]. You know, I will be in New York." In order to discuss Geller's phenomena in sequence, I shall wait until later to describe the results of his tape-recorded experiment.
 Cactus Pryor also had an interview with Geller filmed for use on KTBC-TV news. During the filming Geller performed, with apparent ease, some interesting demonstartions of telepathy. He also then bent and broke a spoon by a light rubbing motion of his left index finger. At KTBC, Geller succeeded in causing a thick, brass key to bend in full view of their camera.
 With media appearances over for the day, Uri Geller and I proceeded to my house for dinner. I showed Uri around the house. When he spotted a meteorite sealed in a Pyrex glass container on my desk, he asked, "What is that?" I explained, and Uri asked if it would be alright if he handled it. I took the meteorite from the case and handed it to Geller. He stared intensely at it for a few moments. That caused me to wonder if he might be trying to psychokinetically bend it. It was somewhat of a relief when Uri put the object back in its container and I resealed it. I was not sure I wanted the meteorite deformed.
 Finally we began eating dinner. About seven minutes into the meal, Geller seemed to become filled with enthusiasm about being in Austin. He had just so stated when he exclaimed, "Yes! Look!" Uri had just picked up a bite of food with one of our thick stailess-steel forks. As Mary Kathryn, my wife, and I watched, the fork started bending and the food dropped of.
nbsp;"Let me see it!" I exclaimed.
 Geller handed me the still bending fork. While I held it, we all watched the fork handle steadily continue to bend a full 40 degrees more; then the bending motion slowed. I placed the fork on the table between my wife and me. We watched it continue bending a bit more without anyone touching it.
 After dinner Uri and I were standing in the living room while going through a book about unidentified flying objects. His back was seven or eight feet from the front door, which was closed. Both of Geller's hands were in full view of me. Mary Kathryn was sitting next to the door at one end of a couch.
 Suddenly, out of the corner of her right eye, Mary Kathryn spotted a "flying object" emerge out of the space just in front of the closed door and about five feet above the floor. The "emerging" object was about four inches long and rather streamlined in appearance. She watched it shoot across a distance of seven feet or more and hit Geller in the back. Then it glanced down and struck the asphalt-tile-covered concrete floor with a sharp sound. I saw only the last portion of the object's movement and its striking the floor. We could then identify the "flying object" as the Imperial Harpa shell from my collection. When last seen, the shell was on a table across the living room.
 Surprised that the shell was not completely shattered, I carefully picked it up. There was neither crack nor chip. A drop from even a foot from above the hard floor normally would have broken the delicate seashell.
 Uri then told us that objects "come out of the ceiling or a wall" around him, but that never before, to his memory, had any come "out of a door." He said it must have some special meaning, but neither he nor my wife nor I could suggest what the significance might be. Yet we were amused that the shell's mysterious flight had occured just as we were talking about unidentified flying objects. Uri acknowledged that the paranormal phenomena which happen around him sometimes incorperate a sense of humor.
 Later that evening my identical twin brother, Rex G. Stanford Ph.D, a well-known parapsychologist, who was then president of the Parapsychological Association, telephoned from Charlottesville, Virginia. Geller insisted on doing a telepathy experimentbetween himself, Rex, and Rex's wife, Birgit, who was on an extension phone.
  After drawing something which he kept out of my sight on a pad, Geller stared intensely at the telephone. Then he told me to ask them what they got. Bridgit said, " I seem to get an "O" or a circle." Rex commented, "I got an "O" first but then I saw a capital "M"." Without picking up his pen again, Geller turned his pad around for me to see. It showed simply a circle with a capital "M" inside it.
 Ten minutes later, Rex and Birgit rang back. Rex told me, "Birgit has something she has drawn and wants to see if Uri can get it." Geller was in the living room. I went from where the phone was in the bedroom and told Uri what Rex and Birgit wanted.
 "Oh," Geller said matter-of-factly, "while I was sitting here just now talking, a woman was contacting me [telepathically] and trying to send me a bird and a flower."
 I went back to the bedroom phone and told Rex and Birgit what Geller had so casually reported. Birgit said, "That really is amazing. Before I called, I first was going to draw a bird but decided it wouldn't look much like one and would be hard for him to identify. So I then drew a flower because I figured that would be an easier target for him to identify.
 Later, after some friends had joined us at the house, Uri seemed to become very excited. Suddenly, he said, "Something can happen right now! I feel it very strongly. Quick! Does someone have some personal object you don't mind having bent or broken? I feel a lot of power right now for some reason. Can we get together here in a circle in the middle of the floor? If somebody has an object, toss it on the floor."
 Dwight Pryor, A.U.M. president, tossed an Eisenhower dollar onto the carpet. Geller and I got up and were in the process of sitting down on the carpet. Bob Dunnam was asking Geller if he wanted to bend some other object. Geller was saying, "No, this is enough..."
 The conversation came to an abrupt stop with a loud thud. The nickel-iron meteorite mentioned earlier, which when last seen was sealed in its Pyrex glass case in a back bedroom-office, came crashing down onto the asphalt-tile-covered concrete entrance way just inside the closed front door. Sam Young and Jeanette Pryor, who were right beside the place where the meteorite hit, had the impression that it must have come almost straight down from at least two feet above the floor. The meteorite made a big dent and cracks in the asphalt tile, but its appearance was not altered in any way whatsoever.
 There were eleven persons in the room at the time, including Geller. Everyone seemed sure he could not have tossed the meteorite without being clearly seen. Furthermore, the meteorite would have been obvious if hidden in Uri's tight-fitting jeans and shirt.
 I had returned to the bedroom-office where the meteorite was stored after Geller's last visit there. I had specifically noted the meteorite in its case, since I was wondering if it might have been psychokinetically altered in some way. Eyes were on Geller the whole of his visit. There seemingly was no way he could have secreted the meteorite from its storage case unobserved.
 Following the meteorite's startling appearance, I rushed into the bedroom-office to check on the condition of the Pyrex container. The container itself was sealed and just as I had left it. However, in the absence of the meteorite, the acrylic floss on which it had rested somehow had become extremely fluffed up. The floss had risen up like a cummulus cloud and filled almost all of the open space of the container, as if sucked up by the vacuum created by the meteorite's dematerialization. I know by experience that normally, in the meteorite's absence, the floss only rises about halfway to the top.
 Back in the living room, everyone was excited by the literally jarring fall of the meteorite. Geller said several times that he had a feeling the meteorite had now lost weight. I knew that would be easy to check. In Arizona, in 1966, it had been weighed twice, soon after I cleaned the oxide from its surface. One weighing was on a minerologist's scale of high quality. Both weighings indicated it weighed approximately .8 ounce less than three pounds, or 47.2 ounces. Kept in its sealed container and protected by a special coating, no visible oxidation had occured since then.
 Careful weighing of the meteorite on Tuesday, July 24, 1973, made on twelve different scales, yielded a mean weight of 42.32 ounces. Thus, the apparent weight loss was about 4.88 ounces - or just over 10 percent.
 On the Tuesday morning following Geller's return to New York on Sunday, Cactus Pryor played the recorded interview, including Uri's voluntary "remote bending" experiment. At the A.U.M. office a desk key, in the lock at the time, bent during the recorded experiment. What happened in record room B-526 of the Texas Attorney General's office, in the State Supreme Court building, was much more remarkable.
 Attorney S.J. Aronson, employed in the Attorney General's office, had heard Geller would be on Cactus Pryor's radio program. He suggested to the three women in the records room that they listen, too. Hearing Geller say that women were more likely than men to have an object respond or bend, they put a teaspoon, a very large star-shapped paper clip, and a ring of keys out on the table in the center of the room where they were working.
 During the recorded experiment itself, nothing happened. As the Geller interview continued, the women commented among themselves that they were relieved nothing had happened. Cornesia Bailey tossed the keyring back into her purse, and then left for a coffee break. Mrs. Ella May Jennings was glad that the borrowed spoon had not bent out of shape. The third person in the room, Mellisa Aicken, left the paper clip on the table, not far from the spoon, and continued work.
 Mrs. Jennings turned around to a file cabinet and resumed work. About twenty to thirty seconds later, when she turned back to the table, she was astonished to observe that the spoon handle was now very much bent, and called Mellisa to look. No one else had been in the room at the time. Mellisa's astonishment turned to complete puzzlement when she then noticed that the large paper clip was nowhere to be seen.
 The women called Attorney Aronson into the room. Aronson recalled that Geller had said that objects often continue to bend, sometimes even for hours. He placed the spoon atop a piece of paper on a file cabinet and marked off its degree of bend. Then it continued to bend more, and the subsequent degree of alteration was duly noted.
 Since no one had seen the paper clip actually disappear, they could not be completely sure that its absence was paranormal. But, it appeared that no one in the office had taken it, and there was no one else in the room when it apparently disappeared.
 Upon her return from the coffee break, Cornesia Bailey was shown the contorted spoon. The excited people who by then had gathered in the room insisted that she examine her key ring to find out if any key had bent. Cornesia, however, was "spooked" by the spoon incident. She now wanted nothing to do with such strange things. However, with her permission, Gilbert Bernal removed the key ring from Cornesia's purse, in the presence of all gathered. They were amazed to find that one key had been completely broken in two, with only the top half still on the ring. Bernal then dug into the bottom of the purse and found the other end of the key. All three women and S.J. Aronson were videotaped in interview with Cactus Pryor, during which each attested to the strange happenings. The interview was shown on KTBC-TV news on the evening of July 24.
 On the day of these happenings, three representatives of A.U.M. visited the State Attorney General's Office to document the events there. The apparent sincerity, continued astonishment, and spontaneity of the witnesses were inpressive. Also, an affidavit to the events was signed by the witnesses.
 Cactus Pryor was so impressed by the results of Geller's taped experiment, and the audience reaction to it, that he played the entire July 21 tape interview a second time, on Monday, July 30. No one told Geller it would be replayed.
 Although no calls to radio KLBJ reported any paranormal events in response to the second broadcast, what happened to A.U.M. office manager Jeanette Pryor at that time left her so shaken she was unable to do any work for twenty minutes. During the replayed interview, Jeanette held two keys in her hands, wondering if one or the other might bend. Neither one did. However, only a few minutes later, when she took her key chain from her purse to return a key to it, she could hardly believe her eyes. There, "materialized" on the chain, was a just-slightly-bent version (even with the same serial number) of the key which had bent out of shape during the playing of that same recording six days before.
 Mrs. Pryor is a very observant person and she is sure the key could not have been on the chain earlier. Also, the chain was new and only about two weeks earlier she had put only five keys on it. The duplicate key had been lost several months before, and had been searched for on several occasions. The A.U.M. staff recalled Geller's stating that long-lost objects sometimes have a way of mysteriously "materializing" when he is around or after his departure. Also, he remarked to Jeanette eight and a half days earlier, "Something will happen to you very soon. It will surprise you."
 I am reminded of what an Austin American Statesman reporter told me just after Geller had demonstrated telepathy and had bent and broken a key for him, on Sunday, July 22. He said, "I'll admit Geller bent that key for me a few minutes ago, but my mind is still bending. I think it will be bending for a long time to come."
 After the events at my house the previous night, I could only comment, "Well join the club! Your not alone."

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