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    Email from Sandy MacRae

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24 July 2010

Thank you for your email and the link to YouTube - I have never seen that program, only heard from friends, who did see it originally, that they didn't know I spoke Italian - I don't!! This was a long time ago. I had hair then....

I've read your account of my part in this and, apart from the spelling of 'MacRae', it is fairly accurate. The main reason I was not being distracted by Geller at that session was I was out of his eyeline, in a corner of the room with my recording equipment and wearing headphones, so I did not have direct sound and couldn't hear him when the microphoe was not in place. I think he had forgotten I was there. When he realised that I had seen him do the deed, our eyes met. I was so flabbergasted that I said nothing. I think he was daring me to say something then to shoot me down! It was only after he and his team left the room that I told our crew what I had seen. What was really interesting about the whole event was the division within our crew on the truth of the situation. I was almost accused of lying by one or two members who did not want the 'magic' to be broken! I had no motive to lie, having been previously amazed by the apparent powers of Uri Geller. We, as a crew, had spent a considerable amount of time with him and attended several of his appearances in the USA at that time, so we had got to know him and the 'team' that travelled with him. It was only after this accidental discovery of his cheating that we started to wonder then work out how he had achieved earlier 'miracles', and I remember our Camera team became very skilled at duplicating some of the tricks for our entertainment! Their new 'ability' reached the ears of one of the paranormal researchers at the time who made the amazing statement that Uri Geller's powers must be catching!

Geller was a charming and persuasive man, very entertaining and intense. By sheer chance, he took up residence in the UK not far from where I live and I have seen him on odd occasions in public but never acknowledged him.

Strange world.


Sandy MacRae

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