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Journal of the Society for Psychical Research - Volume 47 number 759 - March 1974 - Page 344


A reader's experience during Uri Geller's appearance on the David Dimbleby Talk in Show

 Madam, I am writing to give you an account of what happened in my own particular household on the night on which Uri Geller appeared on the Dimbleby Talk in.
My daughter Lesley and I had prepared on a nearby table a Victorian man's pocket watch which had not been in working order for as long as I remember and also some cutlery which consisted of one fork and one spoon made of metal. On the Friday morning I wound the watch up and attempted to make it work by various methods, but all to no avail. When the demonstration began we attempted to copy Geller's method with the watch. I held it in my hand while Lesley clenched her hand over it. Not believing it had succeeded I put it back on the table. It was not till after the program had finished that my daughter picked up the watch and exclaimed that it was ticking. The watch has been going well ever since.
 We then tried with the fork, Lesley lightly massaged the neck as I held the handle and in a few seconds it began to bend to an angle of 45 degrees. She then held the spoon but without a conscious attempt to enforce any change when it suddenly bent and broke in two with a crack which startled us both. Incidentally as soon as the fork bent I straightened it back to its original shape. Since then Lesley, a friend and I have tried to bend the same fork with brute force and considerable pressure but it is so hard we have made no impression whatsoever.

W.G.C. Gunner

Lesley Miriam Gunner

The Dingle

Shorthill Bank, Leacross

Near Shrewsbury SY5 8JE

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