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Texas Sun - 6 May 1977

The Amazing Kreskin - Modern Day Merlin

Sun:  Are they're any psychics you respect?  What about Uri Geller, who was exposed in Psychology Today magazine by the magician The Amazing Randi, as a fraud?

Kreskin:  I think Geller is interesting, entertaining, amusing.  Do I think he gets his power from an extraterrestrial spaceship on the other side of the moon, as he claims in his autobiography?  Does anybody believe it?

But that isn't what worries me.  He can play those games because there's nothing new.... Incidentally, and without judging, there's a specific page in Geller's book in which he says the next thing he'd like to do would be to become a healer.  I wonder if that's what his plan has been from the beginning.

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