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    Email from Kasey (Kasi) Kirby

1 November 2007

Hi Steve

Delighted to share with you what I remember....It has been 30-35 years ago, and memory does fade over time.

My show was called the Houston Scene with Kasey Kirby and it ran everday at 11 am on channel 26 . I interviewed any and every celebrity who came to town back in those days. Sammy Davis, Irving Wallace, Sidney Shelton, Dale Robertson, Alan Sherman, Bob Newhart, Buddy Greco, Tony Bennett, Vikki Carr, John Gary, Dave Madden, Leo Durocher, etc.....

I chatted with Uri a couple of nights ago ( first contact in about 25 years) and he says he still has the tape of my show that we did oh so many years ago. Maybe Uri can get you that tape as it really was unbelievable and made me a true believer in Uri's ability. In fact I'd love to put it on my space page that I have done nothing with.

If I remember right, after he did the spoon thingy. My stage manager at the break brought me the wedding ring and asked me to get Uri to bend it, at that time I was convinced that uri was not real, so I agreed. I remember asking Uri if he could bend the wedding band ( 14kt gold) that was in my hand. He directed me to hold it in my hand and put my other hand on top. I left a space in the middle so the cameraman could get a shot of the ring, and Uri put his hand about an inch above my hand.....I felt a warmth and the ring started to bend. When Uri finished it was no longer round but almost a skinny oval. It was bent so much that for years I wore it as a pinky ring ( size 4 ring size) from a size 10 ( x-hubby size). I don't know where that ring is today, I think I lost it in a fire about 15 years ago as I don't remember seeing it recently. In fact I had not even thought about Uri in probably about 20 years.

We were never close friends,but telephone conversational friends for about 2 years. ( our paths did cross several times.) The most memorable time was about 2 years after our 3rd or 4th meeting when Uri called me out of the blue from isarel and woke me up and my bed was on fire from me going to sleep with a cigarette in my hand. Needless to say I hung up fast, called the fire dept and then after they left called URI back to thank him for saving my life. I seemed to have a talent for picking up vibes from him, and asked him if he was wearing a maroon shirt....he was and had shippi take a pic of him talking to me on the phone and sent the pic to me.

Kasi Kirby

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