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Journal of the Society for Psychical Research - Volume 53   - 1986

Book Reviews

  • The Paranormal - an encyclopedia of psychic phenomena  by Brian Inglis.  Granada 1985  ISBN 0246121408

    ...Similar sloppiness can be found in a section devoted to the career of Uri Geller, where Dr. Inglis notes (p. 126) that Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff captured an apport (a wrist watch) on film at S.R.I. International. According to whom? Certainly not these researchers, who have personally assured me that the trajectory of the object is totally consistent with Geller's having merely tossed it in the air! Dr. Inglis seems to be consistently 'soft' on Geller, since he gives prominent attention (p. 112) to his ability to permanently bend nitinol wire. Predictably enough, no reference is made to the devastating critique of this research that Martin Gardner published in the May/June 1977 issue of the Humanist, and which was recently published in his Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus.

     Every book of the size and scope of The Paranormal is bound to contain a few faults, omissions, and errors. But this new book by Dr. Inglis simply contains too many for comfort.


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