Pedestrian Ramps

Bay Ridge Ave Ped Ramp

Pedestrian Ramp Program

NYC DOT has developed a program dedicated to upgrading and installing pedestrian ramps and is committed to making our pedestrian space safe and accessible for all road users. For more information regarding the Pedestrian Ramp Program at NYC DOT, please visit .

Pedestrian Ramps Overview

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayPedestrian ramps provide access on and off our streets and sidewalks and are an essential tool for all pedestrians, especially aging New Yorkers and persons with disabilities. NYC DOT maintains the city’s 12,760 miles of sidewalks and 185,000 corners. Currently, NYC DOT addresses pedestrian ramps through the resurfacing of city streets, inspection of sidewalk defects, 311 complaints, and implementation of street improvement projects. Additionally, NYC DOT is updating its ADA Transition Plan which includes a self-evaluation of the accessibility of its public facilities and improvement methods where feasible. The Transition Plan will be made available for public comment prior to it being finalized.

Pedestrian Ramp Upgrades and Modifications

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayNYC DOT’s Pedestrian Ramp Program is dedicated to upgrading and installing pedestrian ramps. New and upgraded pedestrian ramps include a red (or white in special districts) detectable warning surface to help guide people with visual disabilities. NYC DOT completed a survey in October 2019 of all pedestrian ramps throughout the city to create a comprehensive inventory and will process the data to assess compliance of current conditions. The critical components of the Pedestrian Ramp Program include: data collection, analytics, public outreach, stakeholder engagement, technical design, legislative changes, developing policies for adherence, and training for other agencies, developers and utility companies.

NYC DOT values questions, comments, and concerns from New Yorkers. There are several ways to get in touch with us:

  • NYC 311 is the official source for New York City non-emergency government services. Visit to report conditions such as damaged sidewalks or pedestrian ramps.
  • You can may also reach 311 by phone, the free or .
  • If you have an inquiry or complaint regarding an accessibility issue, contact NYC DOT’s Interim ADA Coordinator and Disability Service Facilitator.

  • For more information regarding the Pedestrian Ramp Program at NYC DOT, please visit .