Permanent Art Collection and Policy

In collaboration with the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) Percent for Art Program, NYC DOT commissions permanent art as part of the Percent for Art ordinance. NYC DOT designates facilities such as: bridges, sidewalks, ferries, medians, plazas, etc. for permanent art as part of NYC DOT capital construction projects. Project-specific selection panels review artists to develop proposals in collaboration with the project design team. NYC DOT selects new sites each year and determines eligibility for permanent artwork. For more information on the DCLA Percent for Art Program, visit:
Photo credit: Sunbather by Ohad Meromi.

Permanent Art

Permanent Art Policy

NYC DOT is pursuing permanent art at a number of capital project sites for the following reasons:

  • Community Board, Elected Officials or other relevant local stakeholders have expressed interest in permanent art as part of the overall capital construction project;
  • Strong maintenance partner exists at the site who is willing to monitor and maintain the permanent art over the lifetime of the piece; and
  • Sites are large enough to accommodate a work of permanent art.

As an alternative to permanent public art, some sites will receive temporary public artwork organized through DOT Art for the following reasons:

  • Local arts organization expressed interest in producing changing temporary artwork at the site once built;
  • Partner organization is unable to agree to maintenance responsibilities due to limited organizational capacity; or
  • Permanent art is already installed within close proximity to the project site.

Current Collection

Download a list of DOT Art permanent art projects (pdf)

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