DOT Art: Temporary Art Overview

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayDOT Art partners with community-based, nonprofit organizations and professional artists to present temporary public art on NYC DOT property throughout the five boroughs for up to eleven months. Artists transform streets with colorful murals, dynamic projections and eye-catching sculptures. Sidewalks, fences, triangles, medians, bridges, jersey barriers, step streets, public plazas and pedestrianized spaces serve as canvases and foundations for temporary art. Over the past 12 years, DOT Art has produced over 300 temporary artworks citywide and each year pursues unique project sites in collaboration with a diverse body of artists and partners.

Upcoming Deadlines (Open Applications)

Asphalt Art Activations: Rolling Deadline

*Applicants who submitted in response to the 2020 Asphalt Art Activations Request for Qualifications have been identified and selected for inclusion in the DOT Art Asphalt Art Artist Registry. As asphalt project sites become available throughout the year, DOT Art will review the Artist Registry and contact ranked artists with an invitation to respond to identified site opportunities.

Community Partner Requests: Rolling Deadline

Download Community Partner Request for Site Recommendations Application (PDF)

Arterventions: Rolling Deadline

Download Arterventions Open Call Application (PDF)

Applicant Resources

Questions may be directed to:
Download Site Selection Guide (PDF)

DOT Funded

Community Commissions

A metal sculptural bench designed to mimic a hair comb installed on a wide sidewalk

DOT Art partners with community-based, nonprofit organizations to commission artists to design and install temporary site-responsive artwork on NYC DOT property. Nonprofit, community-based organizations (business improvement districts, artist-in-residence programs, arts councils, museums, cultural institutions, community centers and nonprofit organizations focused on art, history, urban planning or architecture) are invited to propose sites for temporary art in their neighborhood. Selected organizations are included as partners in an annual open call to solicit proposals from artists for a list of priority sites. Selected artists are eligible to receive up to $20,000 towards project costs to fabricate and install the artwork. Partner organizations collaborate with DOT Art and the selected artists during all project phases and are responsible for maintaining the artwork and remediating the site upon completion of the display period. Artwork remains installed for eleven months. Photo Credit: King and Queen Sized Bench by Jason Wallace in partnership with the Washington Heights Business Improvement District.

Barrier Beautification

Two cyclists ride along a bike lane protected by a concrete jersey barrier painted with a red and pink design

DOT Art partners with artists and volunteer organizations to paint murals onto jersey barriers located along protected bicycle lanes or active sidewalks. In response to the agency’s Green Wave Plan, DOT Art seeks to highlight the new safety initiative by increasing the number of murals painted through Barrier Beautification. Open calls are announced biannually, and selected artists are eligible to receive $3,500 towards project costs to prepare stencils and execute the mural with volunteer assistance. DOT Art provides paint, materials and tools at no cost to the artist. Selected artists are assigned a site within one of the five boroughs and must be willing to adapt their conceptual designs to any location. DOT Art manages the volunteers on-site to both prime and paint the murals. Artwork remains installed for eleven months. Photo Credit: Shadow BoxXổ số hỗn hợp hôm nay by Gavin Snider in partnership with NY Cares and JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Asphalt Art Activations

Art Mural Hooper St and Division Ave Brooklyn

DOT Art partners with artists and a number of internal units to paint temporary design treatments onto repurposed asphalt street spaces (“asphalt art”) to help designate them as new spaces for pedestrian use. NYC DOT continues to reclaim underutilized street space through safety improvement projects, whether it be a curb extension, a slip lane closure or an entire street transformation, creating large canvases for art. DOT Art invites artists on an ongoing basis to respond to an open call to submit qualifications to be included in an artist registry, later to be short-listed for specific asphalt art opportunities within one of the five boroughs. Artists selected from the registry will receive up to $20,000 towards project costs to design and realize asphalt art at assigned sites. Organizations interested in funding and producing asphalt art at a site of their choosing are invited to submit a proposal for review through Arterventions. Organizations are welcome to select an artist without a formal open call or from the NYC DOT artist registry. Artwork remains installed for eleven months. Photo Credit: Up and Down River by Ellen Picken.

Art Display Case Exhibits

Colorful, bright vinyl photograph portraits of men and women exhibited on metal display cases installed on a sidewalk

A total of 20 Art Display Cases are available to host temporary exhibitions for installation throughout the city. The cases may be installed in sets of four to ten within plazas or on wide sidewalks. Original artwork is reproduced as vinyl adhesives and exhibited in a gallery-like format on both exterior sides of the cases. DOT Art collaborates with arts organizations, business improvement districts and other institutions to curate exhibitions in response to a specific theme or in conjunction with a festival or upcoming event. NYC DOT covers costs to relocate the cases, and to print, install and remove the vinyl adhesives. An artist/design fee of up to $2,500 may be provided to a selected partner organization. Given the high demand of the Art Display Cases, organizations are selected upon availability of the cases and placed on a waiting list for future partnerships if the proposed schedule does not align with availability. Interested organizations are invited to submit site suggestions and exhibition content for review on a rolling basis to Photo Credit: Supper Club by Elia Alba in partnership with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC).

Construction Fence Banner Wraps

Colorful, watercolor-like mural printed on vinyl installed on chain link fencing

DOT Art partners with its sister agencies, the New York City Department of Design and Construction and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, to commission artwork to be digitally transferred onto vinyl mesh banners to beautify fencing surrounding active construction sites during capital reconstruction projects. Artists are eligible to receive a design fee of up to $2,500 to finalize designs and prepare the necessary files to print the banners. NYC DOT covers all costs to print and install the banners on-site in partnership with the designated contractor. DOT Art also works closely with neighborhood organizations and business improvement districts involved with construction projects due to their future relationship to the site as maintenance partners. Open calls to select designs are issued periodically. Private property is ineligible through this program and such proposals must be reviewed by the Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the Department of Buildings. Photo Credit: Swish SwashXổ số hỗn hợp hôm nay by Andrea Bergart.

Community Funded


Two women sit inside a neon sculptural installation on a public plaza

DOT Art partners with galleries, arts and community organizations and business improvement districts to install existing or new artwork that is fully funded by organizations on self-selected NYC DOT sites through Arterventions. Artwork usually remains on display for three to six months with a maximum period of eleven months. Proposals are typically associated with an exhibition on view in a neighboring gallery, or an artwork that has been produced in conjunction with a local festival. Interested organizations and artists must submit a joint application. Organizations are responsible for engineering review, artwork maintenance during the display period and site remediation upon completion of removal. DOT Art issues a list of example sites each year to provide direction to interested organizations and artists, and Site Selection Guidelines are also available as a resource when considering potential sites. Organizations are encouraged to contact DOT Art at to confirm site ownership in advance of submission. DOT Art works closely with all organizations and artists throughout all project phases leading up to implementation. Photo Credit: Ziggy by Hou de Sousa in partnership the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership.

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