Public Plaza Concessions

Short-Term Retail Markets

NYC DOT may enter into a concession agreement with a market operator/vendor to activate a plaza for up to 119 days, per Mayoral Emergency Executive Orders (EO) # 171 and 172, and any subsequent orders.
This opportunity is set to expire on September 30, 2021, however market operations may extend beyond this date.

NYC is seeking businesses to operate a single stall-style concession and/or act as a market operator for a group of businesses to operate stall-style concessions in a public plaza.

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayActivities in the plaza markets include but are not limited to selling general merchandise, crafts, specialty goods, food and beverage. These markets may be hosted in designated public plazas for up to 119 days, under a concession agreement with NYC DOT and a market operator/vendor (Concessionaire). In lieu of a fee, Concessionaires must provide maintenance services to the plaza.

Please note: Plaza Partners are not party to the agreement between the Concessionaire and NYC DOT, and may not derive revenue from this agreement. Plaza Partners are involved in coordinating and scheduling of market operations.

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayInterested market operators/vendors must apply no less than 10 days prior to the first date of proposed operations.

Short-Term Retail Market Concessions Information Sheet (pdf) For any other questions, please email:

Available Locations for Short-Term Retail Markets:

Size (square feet)
On Street
Cross Street 1
Cross Street 2
Fordham Plaza Bronx 86500 Park Avenue East 189th Street Third Avenue
Forsyth Plaza Manhattan 30000 Forsyth Street Canal Street Division Street
Parkside Plaza Brooklyn 7100 Parkside Avenue Ocean Avenue Parkside Avenue
Myrtle-Wyckoff Plaza Brooklyn/Queens 27500 Wyckoff Avenue Myrtle Avenue Gates Avenue
Diversity Plaza (southern block only) Queens 19750 37th Road Broadway Roosevelt Avenue
New Lots Plaza Brooklyn 3100 Ashford Street Livonia Avenue New Lots Avenue
Knickerbocker Plaza Brooklyn 5400 Myrtle Avenue Knickerbocker Avenue Greene Avenue
** Additional plazas may be available upon request.

Short-Term Retail Market Examples:

On a sunny day, people stroll through a pedestrian plaza located below the Manhattan Bridge. Pop-up tents are set up where vendors sell items like clothing.
Pearl-Archway Plaza in Brooklyn, hosted by Brooklyn Flea
At an outdoor market, a vendor stands under a tent selling handmade soap to two children wearing Halloween costumes.
Fordham Plaza in the Bronx, hosted by Bronx Night Market

29-Day Concession Permits

29-Day Concession Permits are on hold until further notice.

Please consider expressing interest in Short-Term Retail Markets.

29-Day Concession Opportunity Info Sheet For any other questions, please email: