Permit Enforcement

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayDOT enforces the laws and rules that govern the way utilities, plumbers, contractors, other governmental agencies, and property owners perform work on the City's sidewalks, roadways and highways. DOT's inspectors also review work sites for compliance with permit stipulations, and issue violations when they find non-compliance with the laws and rules.

DOT employs crews day and night to monitor active construction sites to ensure that the safe, smooth flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic is maintained at all times, and that contractors and others performing work properly restore roadways and street hardware. Report a street defect to DOT DOT’s FY 2019 Winter Moratorium (Restoration Policy)

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayDOT enforces the laws and rules that relate to the following kinds of street and sidewalk work:

  • Street excavations, to ensure that work conforms to specifications and stipulations cited on the permit, and that material used to close excavations meets DOT's requirements.
  • Placement and use of construction material and equipment at building construction sites so that it does not interfere with pedestrian and vehicular safety.
  • Construction activity on major highways for compliance with permit stipulations.
  • Sidewalks and curbs for defects or defacement, and for encroachments such as metal stanchions, sidewalk furniture, shrubbery, bushes or planters.
  • Inspections at property owner's request to vacate sidewalk defect notices on file at the office of the County Clerk.
  • Unfenced lots and broken fences.
  • Canopies for safety and compliance with DOT's Highway Rules.
  • Roadway restorations to ensure that restorations are flush with surrounding areas and free of defects.
  • Protected streets.

DOT also enforces rules that govern:

  • Guard rails
  • Installing or repairing curbs
  • Street paving
  • Potholes
  • Roadway ponding
  • Street lights
  • Street signs
  • Bridge repair and maintenance
  • Defective sidewalks
  • Pedestrian ramps

Partner Agencies

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayThe enforces for:

  • Awnings
  • Illegal Driveways
  • Cellar Doors
  • Sidewalk Bridges

The enforces for:

  • "A" Frame Signs
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Vacant Lot Cleaning

The enforces for:

  • Sidewalk vendors
  • Sidewalk cafés
  • Fruit and vegetable stands (stands that extend beyond the specifications allowed on the permit are enforced by DOT.

Xổ số hỗn hợp hôm nayThe enforces for:

  • Tree Pits - A street opening permit must be obtained from DOT to open the sidewalk to install a tree pit.

The enforces for:

  • Flooded catch basins