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Bergen Evening Record - 9 March 1977

Sleight of hand

Editor, The Record:
 I am an officer of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and I would like to make a few comments about Uri Geller since you mentioned him in your review [Feb. 20] of the Psychic Fair held at the Bergen Mall.
 Even though I am a magician, I have kept an open mind about Mr. Geller. I have also read a great deal about him. After I saw his show at the Psychic Fair, I made my final decision.
 I received permission to see Uri Geller in his dressing room after the show. He did not know that I was a magician.
 After answering questions from the reporters, he was given a key which he refused to accept. He then took another reporter's key, rubbed it for about 20 seconds, and then shot out of the room. He stayed about 15 feet ahead of us. When he stopped he had two fingers over the key, and exclaimed that it was bending. He removed his fingers from the key to show us the bend. He then returned the key.

1. Why did he take the second key, which had deeper cuts?

2. Why did he run out of the room?

3. Why did he cover the key?


1. It's easier to bend; it needs less leverage.

2. He needed concealment and time to bend the key.

3. He did not want to reveal the bend prematurely.

 I call Mr. Geller a magician, not a psychic. I do not do so to hurt him, but to put him in the category in which he belongs. He gives a very good performance, but that is all that it is.

Charles W. Greene

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