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The Geller Phenomenon

Colin Wilson

Aldus Books, 1976 - ISBN 49000329X

Quotes & Notes

  • Page 24

    "Geller was handed a sealed envelope, which contained a drawing that had been made immediately before the programme. Geller closed his eyes, concentrated on the envelope, and then made a drawing on a sketch pad of a child's sailboat. The envelope was opened and the drawing found to be practically identical to the one Geller had made. Next, David Dimbleby held a fork in his hand, his fingers around it's thinnest point, where the handle joins the base. Geller stroked it gently without, apparently, applying any pressure. Within 30 seconds, the fork had begun to bend. Uri later pointed out that another fork that had remained on the table had begun to bend of its own accord. He took watches that had ceased to work, rubbed them gently, and made them start again. Lyall Watson's own watch stopped during this performance. But what probably impressed the audience - and the two scientists - most was that the hands of one of the watches were found to have bent upward so that they pressed on the glass. If this was a conjuring trick - as some of the audience believed - it was difficult to see how he had tampered with a sealed watch."


    Uri's drawing was similar but by no means identical to the original.

    David Dimbleby did not hold the fork at its thinnest point, Uri did. Dimbleby held the tip of the handle.

    The fork that Uri rubbed "melted" at the neck rather than bent and the fork that Uri drew attention to was bent rather than bending, which it was not seen to do at any time.

    Uri only restarted one watch, not several, and the watch with the bent hand was not the one which restarted. If Uri or anyone tampered with this watch then they did so prior to the programme so no sleight of hand was needed. Notably, perhaps, Uri picked up the two watches off camera and placed them both into Watson's hands. Nobody really had the shance to see the face of either watch before the bent hand was revealed.

  • Page 46

    "Physicists Russel targ and Hal Puthoff have gone to the trouble of issuing an eight-page report correcting downright misstatements (24 in all) in the 12-page chapter on their experiments at Stanford. (For example, Randi asserts that Shipi Shtrang was present at the Stanford experiments; he was not.)"


    Shipi Shtrang was present during these experiments as has been acknowledged by Targ and Puthoff themselves. For example, Hal Puthoff when interviewed by Jonathan Margolis speaking of Shipi's potential as a stooge said:

    "Well, the thing wrong with that was that Shipi was in the sealed room with him on our insistence..."

    Puthoff's comment is somewhat misleading here as Shipi was not in the room with Uri for all trials and might have been available to act as a confederate on some. [see "Uri Geller - Magician or Mystic?   Quotes & Notes]

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