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Paranormal Review No. 25 - January 2003


Guy Lyon Playfair

BBC2's Reputations came as close as any of the media are likely to get to a ballanced assesment of the career of the ever-controversial but durable Uri Geller.
However, ballanced in BBC-speak does not have the same meaning as it does for you and me. It means letting the usual suspects burble on and on about how "magicians can duplicate the entire Geller repertoire" (apart from becoming a milioniare, that is), but not mentioning any of at least 26 magicians who have spoken in favour of Uri's psi abilities, one of whom (Roger Crosthwaite) issued a public challenge on BBC radio in 1993 for any magician to repeat what he had seen Geller do.
(No takers to date).
It means hinting very strongly that Uri is a fake without any attempt to explain how he does what he does. It means carefully ignoring incidents that would seem to defy any normal wxplanation - or at least have not yet haad one - such as the Silverstone spanner-bending or the deformation (at a distance) of the Liverpool mayor's medallion.
 It means avoiding those like me who have plenty of positive evidence from their own experience to report, as I told the producer when he called me sometime ago. He never called back. (One item I could have provided is a list of no less than 41 scientists with very favourable things to say about Uri). It means yet another replay of that notorious Johnny Carson clip which I believe to be unique in showing Geller failing completely, without more than the briefest of extracts of him succeeding elsewhere.
 Critic John Preston of the Sunday Telegraph got it about right. "As a documentary" he wrote, "this was a dead loss".

© Guy Lyon Playfair/The Society for Psychical Research - Reproduced with permission

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