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Paranormal Review, No. 18 - April 2001


Guy Lyon Playfair

 IN THE JANUARY ISSUE I described what happened to Liverpool's Lord Mayor Eddie Clein's insignia shortly after he had been introduced to Uri Geller. Since then, I have been able to meet him and have a good look at the now-repaired medallion and hear his account of events, which fully support the newspaper version that I quoted. So you can sometimes believe what you read in the papers, even if it's about Uri Geller.
 The gold disc on the back of the medallion is now firmly held in place by six gold rivets as, I was assured, it had been when Mr. Clein sat down to dinner. They had all worked themselves loose, he told me, untill the disc, which was indeed bent, came off in his hand.
 I am sure the immoderate skeptics have an explaination. So let's hear it.

© Guy Lyon Playfair / The Society for Psychical Research - Reproduced with permission