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    Email from David Gellman

16 July 2009

On his trip to Australia, over thirty years ago, (my place of residence at the time).  As a journalist, I was invited to attend a lunch/press conference at a restaurant, where all the invitees duly assembled.  The Australian media will go out of their way to debunk anyone or anything they can.  It sells papers and makes good TV.

Mindful of the possibility that Geller may have tampered with the cutlery, a series of taxis had been assembled to take the guests to a restaurant known only to one of the journos - where the cutlery was genuinely heavy duty.  After going into several simple ESP effects, the spoon effect was brought up. I, personally, selected one at random from a distant table. Geller had one of the ladies present hold one end between her thumb and forefinger, with the proviso that if she felt any pressure - up or down - to just let go.  I was sitting next to both, watching very closely. Geller held one end of the spoon and stroked it with two fingers of his hand and it started to bend quite significantly.  The lady holding the other end felt no pressures or force whatever.

I have witnessed close-up magic all my life.  If Geller achieved this result through "sleight of hand" - or whatever else - I deem it far more remarkable than had it been accomplished by some "mystical force."

...No question that Geller has cheated at numerous times.  I have witnessed it. That in and of itself does not invalidate the account that I have given.

...I am a skeptic by nature - and realize that "seeing is believing" can be a very much mistaken notion. On the occasion in question, I personally selected the spoon and handed it to Geller, sitting next to him and without averting my eyes for a moment.  I have seen many fairly convincing "cutlery benders", but none that come in the least close to that particular event.

...The Geller episode is related in a previous post to you.  I stand by it and, despite being the devout skeptic that I am, must confirm that I was not tricked.


David Gellman

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