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Daily Mirror - 5 February 1974 - p. 9


Nick Davies

THIS is the amazing Uri Geller, doing his vanishing trick again yesterday.

Uri, who was said to have left the country on Sunday after it was claimed that his life had been threatened, popped up again in London.

He spent some time early yesterday In the home of his literary agent in Holland Park. Then at 3 a.m, he left In a car driven by his manager, Yasha Katz and vanished again.

It was announced on Sunday that he had left Britain after cancelling a two-week concert tour of Britain.

An audience at Birmingham. where he was due to appear that night was angered by the sudden decision.

His backers Immediately dented that he was frightened of plans by hostile British magicians to attempt to expose his powers as trickery. The backers claimed that an anonymous phone caller had threatened to kil: Uri.


Yesterday a spokesman for Alan Blackburn, the agency which booked Uri's tour, sold: "We have not. heard a word from Uri Geller or his backers. But as far as we are concerned, the tour is cancelled. Due to circumstances beyond our control It is apparent the tour will not go on."

But the spokesman declined to say why the tour had been cancelled.

He added : "We will be advertising the fact that the tour has been cancelled. a it d telling the public they will be fully entitled to get back their money." Uri and his backers stand to lose more than £10.000 from the cancellation.


This would have been Uri's first nationwide tour in Europe. Until now he has only appeared on television. His only other public appearances, in New York and Miami, ended in failure. His manager. Mr. Katz has said : "The audience at both settings was packed with magicians, and they were both a disaster."

Before Sunday's concert was cancelled, members of the Magic Circle, the magicians' association, stated that they would be in the audience.

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