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ESP Magazine - September 1976


Here is the handwriting of a person with a tremendous ego and ability to concentrate intensely.

Uri Geller is one of the worlds greatest psychics. He is the first person (that we know of) in history that bends metal with his mind. He can read the thoughts of others and he is also clairvoyant. All of these abilities should be reflected in his handwriting.

One of the first things we notice is the extreme size of his signatures. One the one hand, he is egocentric and seeks the limelight, but also this strong emphasis on self pushes him to succeed. His strong concentrative ability is, in part, explained by his need to gratify his ego and thus display his psychic powers. He spends a lot of time in concern for the self and this enables him to get to know his own brain. Positive egocentricity is important for the development of psychic powers; if one does not focus on the self, one will not know oneself.

In all of these signatures, the G of "Geller" is larger than the U of "Uri", but the double l's are taller than the G. His emphasis on the family name of Geller, as opposed to Uri, reflects his close home ties and the respect he has for his father. This is supported by his autobiography. His father was in the military and a man about town, and Uri has followed along these lines.

Although self-centered, Uri has a humbleness and sense of diplomacy in his nature. This is reflected in the smaller capital U as compared to the larger Capital G and, also, both of these are dwarfed by the rather tall double l's. Geller is sending his antennae into the stratosphere for his abilities. Just as Chinese painters make man small in comparison to the trees, Geller places his ego beneath his need to search for higher goals and deeper secrets. There is also ambition evident here. Not only do his upper case letters reach high into the zone of imagination, but the lower case letters reach low into the depths of his being. He balances off his psychic energy by drawing from the deep subconscious (see the excessive lower loop of the G of "Geller"), and by also gaining impetus from his superconscious evident in the tall letters. Also, this is a highly rhythmic signature, which was written rather rapidly and this would help augment his ability to utilize the far reaches of his heights and depths and thus "read" the vibrations of others or somehow change the vibrations of the metals that he bends.

Geller integrates these two energy sources and focuses them in a precise direction. This diminuendo can be seen in the word Uri and it can also be seen in his last name, i.e., the letters get smaller at the end. This tapering is also evident in the word "landings" on line two of the sentence (see the a and n). Graphology books tell us that this tapering of letters is indicative of the creative and the psychologically perceptive. Just as the sun can be focused by a magnifying glass into a tiny dot of concentrated energy, Uri can focus his psychic energy to either hone into someone else's mind or miraculously melt metal. The reaching way into the upper and lower zones augments this ability as well as his rhythmic spontaneity.

The incredible focusing ability is further pointed out by the three signatures. All three were written while his eyes were continually closed. Research has shown us that when a person's eyes are closed, his brain waves tend to slow down into the "alpha" range of 7 to 14 cycles per second. This state is conducive for uncovering the less conscious (or unconscious) aspects of the mind. We can see that his signature, with his eyes closed, is virtually identical to his signature with his eyes open. This shows that he is comfortable with his unconscious...(The rest of this article is not currently available.)

© Howard Smuckler - reproduced with permission

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