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ESP Magazine - September 1976


Howard Smuckler

 In this September issue of ESP, we are atempting one of the most unique experiments in the history of psychical research. On the cover, you will recognize the familiar penetrating eyes of the well-known psychic, Uri Geller. Can these eyes bend keys and forks and fix watches? Geller hopefully senses there will be dramatic results; just follow the directions on page 14.
 On September 1st at 11:00 p.m. EDT, Geller will focus all his energy on the cover of this magazine. In hundreds of laboratories around the world, investigators will put metallic objects on the same copy of ESP as you have in your hands right now. We areb expecting exciting results and are looking forward to your cards, letters and objects of physical proof.
 I was indeed fortunate this month to come in contact with another psychic, Olof Jonsson. You may remember him as the individual who participated in the telepathy experiment with astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Olof is an extremely likeable fellow and performed several very convincing psychic demonstrations for me.
 What made my meetings with these two "superstars" so refreshing was their ability to harness and use their psychic powers almost at will. This, ultimately, is the goal of all our research and efforts. Most of us no longer are interested in proving or debating the existence of ESP. That exercise is such a waste of time and a dissipation of energy. The bigger problem is being able to use ESP whenever, wherever and however you like. So very few people claim to possess that ability.
 I had intended in this issue to have an article from the various Presidential candidates on their feelings about increased psychic research. You can't believe how difficult it is to solicit an opinion on the subject. To many of us, the question of psychic exploration is of overriding concern, yet, politicians seem to ignore it. How can anyone be President from 1976 to 1980 without being fully versed in the field of parapsychology. It seems incredible that most of our political leaders are terribly ignorant of the potential of psychic development. I guess it will take another Sputnik-type experience to get us started.
 One subject which has been cropping up concerns the dangers of ESP. This, unfortunately, is a topic which has not been fully explored. In our excitement to learn telepathy, prophecy and other forms of ESP, we tend to ignore some of the very real problems associated with it.
 In the article on Charles Manson, you will get a glimpse of what I am talking about. ESP is a two-edged sword; it can be used for good and it can be used for evil. History is filled with examples of both cases. Unfortunately, psychic ability does not occur only in good, healthy minds. Maniacs have been known to possess enormous quantities of ESP and have not hesitated to use it for destructive purposes.
 Some people like to think that psychic ability is weakend by misuse. Olof Jonsson makes it clear, in his interview, that this is not necessarily true. One can psychically cure cancer about as easily as one can cause it. In each case, we use the same extrasensory powers of the mind; only the end result is different.
 In the next several issues of ESP we will endeavor to show you some of the dangers of psychic development and, most importantly, how to protect yourself. Protection from psychic attack is very necessary and there are some very valuable old and new methods for defending oneself. This kind of protection is essential if you are going to venture out into a psychic world. It now seems clear that not only must we encourage the learning of ESP talents, but we must also encourage the creation of adequate safeguards against its misuse.
 One last comment on the efforts of ESP magazine to bring you the best of the scientific world as well as the richness of personal psychic experiences. I think it is a unique experiment and one that has so far been successful. We will continue to have many personal stories that have been sent in to us by you, the readers. At times, we will have material that represents the latest efforts of researchers to unravel the mysteries of ESP. When this research proves to be too unimaginative, it will be our policy to go out and conduct studies on subjects of popular interest. In the past, the public has had to tolerate research on the relationship of telepathy to cards. Hopefully, with some of our more inspired reserach grants, we can bring out a whole new aspect of psychic discoveries. If you have any ideas for a project, please let us know and we will consider your proposal. In this way, we hope to be able to turn over some of the creative psychic research to you our readers.

© Howard Smuckler - reproduced with permission

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