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National Enquirer - 6 September 1977

His Parents Tell How ... Uri Geller's Incredible Powers Began at Age 4

Donna Rosenthal

Amazing Israeli psychic Uri Geller displayed his incredible powers as young as 4 years old, recall his parents and friends.
 "When he was a bout 4, I began noticing some strange things about him but I didn't believe them," admitted Uri's father, Tibor Geller, a retired sargeant major in the Israeli army.
 "Sometime my wife and I would plan to go out for the evening but before we could tell Uri he would ask, "Why are you going out?" Another time Uri came in after playing outside and repeated exactly the conversation that I had with my wife."
 Uri never liked school and didn't study - but he received good grades because of his mind-reading skills, said his father. "Uri finally admitted that he was reading the thoughts of the teacher and the best students in class during exams!"
 Uri's mother Margaret said she knew Uri "was a very special child at an ealy age." She recalled that whenever she returned home from playing cards, Uri would tell me within pennies exactly how much I had won or lost."
 "When Uri was 8, he asked me to draw some pictures. I drew a bird and a house. Without seeing my drawings, Uri drew the same pictures."
 While most kids his age were accidentally breaking glasses at the kitchen table, Uri was unintentionally bending silver-ware.
 "Once Uri was tasing some mushroom soup that I made when suddenly the spoon bent down and spilled soup in his lap." Margaret said. "Then the spoon snapped in two."
 This strange power became embarrassing when Uri went with his mother and her friends to the coffee shop. "He was eating a piece of cake with us when suddenly several spoons on the table started curling up out of shape. Uri handn't touched them."
 Uri displayed stratling ESP powers during a family crisis when he was 10. It happened after he moved to Cyprus with his mother and and her second husband. Recalled Margaret:
 "My husband had a heart attack and I rushed him to the hospital. Uri wasn't home and I didn't have the time to leave him a message. It was impossible for him to know where we were - yet there he was standing in the hospital room. I was amazed."
 When he was 18, Uri joined the Israeli Army and was wounded in the 1967 war. During his recuperation, he became a counselor at a children's camp where he met Shipi Shtrang who became his close friend.
 Uri became like a member of the Shtrang family, who encouraged him to work on his amazing psychic powers.
 "I was shocked at some of the things he could do," said Shipi's sister Hanna. "Uri told me to put my gold ring in my fist. I felt it get hot and when Uri told me to open my hand, the ring was broken. Uri was stunned because it was a new thing for him.
 "Another time I was wearing an ivory bracelet. Uri said he was very nervous and felt that something was going to happen. Suddenly my bracelet broke and though he hadn't touched it, Uri apologized.
 Arie Shtrang, the father, said Uri once proved he could he could "see" through a blindfold. "My son Shipi, Uri and I were driving down Dizengoff, the busiest street in Tel Aviv. Uri said he could drive blindfolded. Shipi tied the blindfold on him so he couldn't possibly see anything - yet Uri drove perfectly through the traffic."
 Uri said his psychic gift did not make him have a happy childhood. In fact, it caused some unhappiness. Uri told the ENQUIRER: "The worst part of it was that there was no place to turn for help. My parents could not believe what was going on. I didn't wan't to talk to my teachers about it and my classmates would either laugh or say it was just a trick.
 "I was too ashamed to ask anybody else. Can you imagine having a problem that nobody can help you with? The only thing I could do was accept it."

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