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Daily Express - 23 November 1973 - p. 11

It's All in The Mind as Uri Goes on a Bender

Sue Davey

URI GELLER'S demonstrations of his "magical" powers are mind bending.

For the handsome 26-year-old Israeli can bend a door key — just by LOOKING at it.

But yesterday at a Press conference at the B.B.C.'s Lime Grove studios in London it took Mr. Geller a good deal of thought to Drove his powers.

Somebody offered a key and the donor held it while Uri tightly stroked it with his forefinger ... but the key remained straight.

"I might not bo able to do it: I'm nervous." he said. calling for another key. But again he failed. Then, suddenly, the shaft of the third key he tried began slowly to curl—and it kept on curling.


David Dimbleby, who'd flown Mr. Geller in for his TV Talk In show tonight, looked relieved.

Next, he said, he would demonstrate telepathy. David Dimbleby would take a pen and paper, make a drawing and cover it up. while Mr. Geller turned away and covered his face.

Alter a long pause. Mr. Geller said : " I see a triangle with a line drawn through it." and he made a sketch to show what he meant.

A triumphant Mr. Dimblehy held up his original, identical drawing.

Mr. Geller told the audience: " I appeared at parties and then I was written about in the newspapers and I signed with an agent and made about 1,000 appearances in Israel.


" The American tourists saw me and Captain Edgar Mitchell - he was the sixth man on the moon - sent a scientist to see me"

Then it all began. Last year he was taken to the U.S. to undergo scientific tests at Stanford Research Institute, California.

In March this year two of the scientists said they could not claim Uri Geller had Psychical powers but that they had observed Phenomena for which they had no scientific explanation.

Is It all a trick ? I saw that key bend with my own cynical eyes and I just don't know.

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