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Email from Jan Crosby

7 January 2004

Oslo - Norway, 01. 07. 2004

Dear Steve,

First of all, I'm surprised that anyone still engage them self in our colleague, Uri Geller. For that's what he is, a colleague! Everybody (at least it ought to) know that he is a mentalist, and a pretty good one too. But that's all there is. What he plead about him self ("power" from outer space, and all that), let that be up to him.....

Yes, I wrote a book about him for 30 years ago (I believe it was the first book written about Geller, beside his own book "Uri"), "Sannheten om Uri Geller" ("The Truth About Uri Geller"). One year later my friend, James Randi, also wrote a book about Geller, with the same title!

Why do I wrote that book? Well, I had a " long battle" with my self before I decided to do it, I don't want to go in to that here.

"Cheating"? Off course he cheat, just the same as all off us do when we do magic. I do lots of different kind of magic, from childrens show, parlor, manipulation, stage illusions, close-up, escape act and mentalism. If you add some stunts like "Blindfold drive, Burning rope and Bullet Catching", and beside that, I have my own magic shop, then you have me in a "nut shell". Therefore, I know how easy we can cheat the audience, but, and there's a big but: We can say almost whatever we want when we do our work, but I believe most of us don't step over the line, like Geller did 30 years ago! What he did was to fumble with some peoples weak souls, and that obtain consequences for many, especially children and some of there parents.

So, let Uri Geller do his "work", and we do ours. I think Uri Geller did a fantastic PR-stunt for him self at that time, and for mentalism in general, PR-stunt that anyone of us magicians could do, but Uri Geller did it! Everybody talked about him those days, but to day? Who cares?

Confidential reply, Steve? Why? This is my opinion on your request by mail! Do what ever you want with my reply, and good luck with your website.

Magically yours,

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