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Performers' Claims

"Certain performers… while very careful not to claim that they use genuine telepathy in their stage performances, nevertheless have done their best by indirect means to inveigle the public into the illusion that they really possess paranormal powers. These people would like to be credited with extraordinary telepathic gifts… Instead of admitting that they are entertainers and disclaiming extra-sensory powers, they take refuge in non-committal phrases".

S.G Soal.  -   Preliminary Studies of a Vaudeville Telepathist,   1937

Uri Geller

"But basically, I am an entertainer. I'm a showman. I was born that way. Nothing, no one can change that. I was born a showman and an entertainer. I don't care if people know if I'm real or not. I would like you not to know whether I am real or not. That's a mystery. .. Now, I'm not saying what I do is not real or real. Let the mystery resolve that. But I entertain with it."

Magic magazine   December 1993   -   Interview with Uri Geller

Al Koran

"At the early age of seven, it was apparent that I had extra sensory instincts and uncanny sixth sense".

"Even at this tender age I was able to state the whereabouts of my Aunt’s lost engagement ring, simply because I had "seen" it in the drawer of her dressing-table."

"I have great respect for my power and will do nothing which could be used for evil. I never bet on any race whose winner I know, nor will I hand out tips to others."

Bring out the magic in your mind   by Al Koran.   A. Thomas & Co. 1964


"On many occasions I have, through extra sensory perception, given predictions that have astounded the public."

"I have always used my mental abilities to predict specific events in other people's lives and while looking into the minds of others I have often discovered things that I would rather not have seen. At first, this bizarre twist to my chosen profession took me by surprise, but as I grew accustomed to it I learned how to ignore the bad and concentrate on the good."

"Basically, I apply the power of positive thinking which may be mankind's ultimate tool."

  The Amazing Kreskin

Joseph Dunninger

"My work is scientific, and it is not necessary for me to make use of the multifarious methods used by these fakers and tricksters."

“If my critics and magicians know how I do this work – and it is most profitable – why hasn’t it ever been duplicated?”

"Some of you may think that my work is accomplished by trickery and I say to you that if it is, then it is even more marvellous than if it were scientific."

Dunninger's Act   by Al Mann.   Al Mann Exclusives 1983

"It was at this time that he caused some wonderment among his school teachers. He did not seem to be an extra brilliant pupil, but he invariably got all his arithmetic problems correct. Could it be that he copied the answers from bright children seated near him? His seating place in the classroom was frequently changed, but still his papers were marked 100%. He explains it now: "You see, I just couldn't get the wrong answer. I didn't have to work the problems out. The bright children in the classroom just sent me thought waves, and consequently I got everything right."

  Biography of The Amazing Dunninger

Sidney Freidman

"The difference between a mentalist routine and his show… is that his mental feats are real, based on intuitive abilities he has developed since childhood. He first showed signs of psychic ability at age 5, when he helped his mother find her lost wedding ring. In his head he could see where it was. It was underneath her nightstand. And she found it there.

"He recalls that he had trouble as a child dealing with his psychic intuitions. "It was fun but a little scary," he recalled. "I think as a kid I tuned it out."

He has never considered gambling as an outlet for his mental abilities. "I'm not so good with inanimate objects like dice or numbered ping pong balls anyway."

  The Freidman Mind Show

James Randi

"Certain perceptions have been given me and I have improved them by a deep study of the science of mental telepathy and clairvoyance."

Toronto Evening Telegram, 28th August 1950

"He first became aware that he possessed Extra Sensory Perception when he was nine years old. He used to answer the phone just before it rang, because he sensed that someone was dialling his number. "I still sense when the phone is going to ring", he says, "But now I wait with my hands on it until it does ring."

Toronto Evening Telegram, 14th August 1950

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