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Email from Dr. Penguin (Chedly Saheb-Ettaba)

7 February 2003

Dear Chedly,

Are you the same Dr. Penguin who said this of Uri Geller?

"At Cannes I watched Uri Geller bend a spoon. I have to admit it, I don't know how he does it, I watched up close and even held the spoon, all I can say is that however he does it, I am really impressed! And I've been doing magic since I was a kid, and for the past 24 years I have toured the world as a professional comedy magician, don't ask me how he does it, I DON'T KNOW"

Could you please tell me if your remarks were published in a newspaper or magazine, and if so, where and when. Also, having watched Uri bend a spoon do you beleive that he has genuine psychic abilities?

Many thanks for your time.


Steve Knight

Dr. Penguin's reply:

Hello Steve, yes I am the same person who wrote in to Uri, but it was a fork, not a spoon.No I don't know how he did it. Do I think he uses psychic powers? No I don't believe that he used psychic powers, I never said that I did!. I said I don't know how he does it! (I wouldn't tell even if I did!)

I watched him warm up the fork and rub it for quite a while. He also was applying pressure from both sides with his hands, holding the fork between them, end to end, going back and forth from rubbing to pressing. It did not bend in front of me, it did however bend slowly every time he stopped to examine the fork, it had bent a little more each time.