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17 & 18 May 2007

I'm sure all sorts of 'experts' have theories on Uri. For my part from what I remember I thought it was a brilliant "sleight of hand".

Uri is great "craigh" (crack) as us Irish say. I can't remember what I said yesterday never mind thirty odd years ago. However, having said that, I remember the scenario in a Miami hotel quite clearly.
 It was late evening when he put my Nikon F2 with a 28mm lens to his forehead with the lens cap on and released the shutter. He then handed the camera back to me. I then took the film out and had it sent to London where the results were developed the next day.
 I was neither surprised nor sceptical I really could have cared less. I just enjoyed being in his company.
 An incident I do remember from that night was there came a point where I missed the last plane back to New York and had to book a room in the same hotel as Uri. I went to the lobby and got a room. I came back upstairs and threw my passport and hotel room key on a table in Uri's room. About half an hour later I went to retrieve them. Somehow the room key had bent in half and snapped in two. He never went near the key. I was so tired at the time all I could think to myself was "I wish he would stop fucking around".

As I said I wasn't that interested. So far as I was concerned he had a great act. He certainly didn't have access to my camera. The "professional photographer" in me was more concerned with how to move the film to London for deadline. Of course I'm curious but as an office boy with "The People" in London I had witnessed Chan Canasta showing his tricks in our office. So forgive the cynicism.

Good luck,

Michael Brennan

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