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Daily Mirror - 15th January 1974 - p. 19


Clifford Davis

CONTROVERSIAL mind-bender Uri Geller is the subject of an inquiry tonight. URI GELLER—IS SEEING BELIEVING? (ITV, times vary). Several of Uri's feats will be tested. including:

Reproducing a face with a beard after a similar drawing has been placed in a sealed envelope; and, of course, bending forks and spoons. Uri repeats the claim which is upsetting professional magicians — that he gets his power from outer space. How does Uri fare? British laboratory tests on broken forks cancelled each other out. Scientists in London said the breaks were caused by pressure--in other words, Uri faked them. But tests in Cambridge appeared to show that I the breakages had been caused by some other I power. Whatever the reality, Uri remains a mystery. Even the camera team are split on whether he is genuine or not.

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