The Mind and Magic of David Berglas

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Uri Geller

The friend had not described Uri's feats in any detail, just that he was sure David would find them of interest. The ooportunity to see them for himself came when he was invited to the David Dimbleby Talk-In, ... After the show was over Dimbleby came backstage to see David. He asked him what he thought. "It was very impressive." "Can you do that?" asked Dimbleby. David was given a teaspoon. He rubbed it and it slowly bent. It wasn't the answer Dimbleby was expecting. He shrugged off the demonstration, saying, "Ah yes, but you're a magician."

"I never claimed Uri was a fake. I just pointed out that a competent magician could duplicate his effects without resorting to psychic powers then left the audience to make up their own mind." David had performed metal bending effects and watch stopping routines before Geller appeared on the scene, notably during the sixties on his tour of Israel. Some Israeli magicians have suggested that a young Uri Geller may have been inspired by his shows but Uri has told david that he was actually in Cyprus at that time.

David himself had offered 5000 for evidence of the paranormal that could be presented under scientific conditions. Over the years it has increased and now stands at 25000. It is he emphasises "an offer not a challenge. A sincere attempt to discover genuine paranormal phenomena."

Years later, long after the Gellermania had peaked, Uri phoned David. He had watched the Channel Four television series, The Mind of David Berglas, and gently but sicerely berated him for making light of his talents and denying that he had any psychic powers.

When John Fisher was producing The Best of Magic television series he asked david if he though Uri would appear. David acted as intermediary and put the request to Uri who said yes. ... There has been much speculation as to Uri's early career as a magician but in rehearsals he showed little aptitude for conjuring. ... David thought that the sequence didn't work very well at all. Uri trying to present magic looked phoney and David regretted that Uri had participated in the programme.

David has never viewed Uri as a rival nor does he share his views about the paranormal. And while others may continue to worry about the way Uri presents his feats David believes that in the end he has been extremely good for magic and a tremendous influence on magicians everywhere.

If he is a magician, then he is the best we have ever seen, and the most famous since Houdini. On the other hand if he is a psychic then he is the only man who can do what he does. Magician or psychic, agree or disagree with him, either way we have to respect him for what he has done. He is truly a phenomenon.

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