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Daily Express - 9 November 1974 - p. 3

And this will bend your mind

IT IS EASY to see why Mrs. June Henry is running out of cutlery. Her 11-year-old son, Mark, keeps using it to practise his latest hobby—metal bending. His flabbergasted mother explained "I have now a collection of distorted cutlery. There's no trick — :dark's powers are guile uncanny." Young Mark has been bendine things since he new Uri Geller on a Blue Peter television programme last year. "I rubbed a spoon, and to my amazement. it just bent. Since then I been not had a failure," he said.Now Mark, of Rennie Street, Burnley, Lancs, has taken up

Before your very eyes £5,000 offer

the £5.000 offer by Alan of Mystery" David Berglas to see whether be has mystical powers. Mr. Bellies has teamed op with the Daily Express to discover whether any man. woman or child possesses the "supernatural" ability to bend metal objects.

The offer has already armed enormous interest among Daily Express readers and application forms wW soon be on their way to the scores of people anxious to take part. " the mlndbender — whoever he or she may he—will receive SZ.500 for themselves, the other £2.500 will go towards research into their abilities." But Mr. Berg'as has made one stipulation—E5 from every. applicant. This is to ensure that Only the serlous.minded will take part. All the money will go to charity."

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