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Email from David Ben re Uri Geller

February 2003

Dear David,

On Uri Geller's web site is your description of what occured when you watched Uri bend a spoon [www.uri-geller.com/uri-biography/uribiog4.htm]

Could you please tell me where and when your quote first appeared and whether you believe what you witnessed was in fact "psychic" or if you think other possible explanations exist?

Naturally your remarks will be treated with confidence.


Steve Knight

Dear Steve:

The quote must have been taken from an email correspondence I had with Marcello Truzzi, who unfortunately, just passed away. Marcello was also good friends with Uri.

And no, I did not believe at the time that I witnessed something of a psychic nature. I believed I witnessed something quite wonderful - something that I could not explain - but not psychic. Just becaue I cannot explain something does not automatically place it in the realm of the paranormal because the operator says so.

I do like Uri, however, but not because of a belief that he has psychic ability.

Hope this helps. Also, no need to keep this response confidential.