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Daily Mail - 4th December 2001



Wicked Whispers (Mail) reports three cases where Uri Geller's 'psychic powers' have had the opposite effect to that intended.
There are several other examples of this phenomenon, which I have come to call The Curse Of Uri Geller.
In July 2001, he tried to get viewers to stop Paul being evicted from the Big Brother house by placing their hands on the TV screen. Paul was evicted a few days later.
He tried to help Reading Football Club -they were relegated. Appearing on GMTV on November 12, 1999, Geller said he was going to use his 'powers' to help Scotland beat England. England beat Scotland 2-0.
In 1996, Geller asked everyone to touch his famous orange spot on the TV screen to make England win the 1998 European Football Championship. Immediately after that, they were knocked out of the competition by Germany.

John Atkinson
Douglas, Isle of Man